Scar Therapy Kit


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Experience the Scar Treatment benefits of two great products at a discounted price with our Scar Therapy Kit

  • If you are unsure whether Scarfade Gel or Scarfade Sheets are best for you, you can try them both with our Scarfade Therapy Kit. The scar treatment kit includes 1 3×4” Scarfade Sheet and 1 tube of Scarfade Gel in the 15g size.
  • Save $14.95 by buying these two products as a kit rather than purchasing them both separately.
  • Many of our customers have reported success using the Scarfade Sheets at night and the Scarfade Gel during the day. Any other scar treatment combination would also be fine.

*If you live outside of the USA, please contact us via email for information on the distribution outlet nearest you.