Scarfade Sheeting, 3″x4″


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Fade Scars and promote scar fading with Scarfade Silicone Sheeting

  • Thin, flexible, adherent 3 x 4” medical grade silicone sheet designed to help reduce the size and intensity of scars.
  • Includes a flesh colored cloth surface on one side. This backing aids in helping the sheeting blend in with the skin better and also helps keep clothing from sticking to the sheeting. The other side of the sheeting (the side against the skin) is sticky to keep it from falling off.
  • Can easily be cut into smaller pieces as needed.
  • Re-usable if cleaned and cared for properly.
  • May be used in conjunction with Scarfade Gel. See our Scarfade Therapy Kit to save money if you plan to purchase both the Scarfade Sheeting and Scarfade Gel.
  • Published Clinical Studies suggest that Silicone Sheeting is effective in the treatment of scars. See our Scientific Studies section for more information.

Directions for Use:
Cut a piece of Scarfade Sheeting large enough to completely cover the scar area. Peel away plastic backing film and recycle it. Place the Scarfade Sheeting over the scar, sticky side against the skin and press gently. Sheeting should easily stick to the skin and remain in place.

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