Scarfade Scar Treatment Gel

Scarfade is a topical treatment that helps to reduce scarring on the skin. Medically-proven studies show that silicone scar gel helps the body slow down production of collagen and, when used as directed, reduces scars. Use Scarfade gel on scars from cuts, burns, surgical incisions, sports injuries and auto accidents.

  • What is a Scar?

    What is a Scar?

    The normal scar forming process begins with any trauma to the skin which injures the dermis and causes bleeding.The skin is made up of three layers.The deepest layer is called the dermis.When the dermis is injured by a deep wound, a scar naturally occurs to bind the edges of a wound together. All deep incisions through the dermis will form a scar.
  • Scar Treatment

    Scar Treatment

    In certain patients, scars can become raised, reddened and firm. These "hyper" enlarged scars are called hypertrophic scars. Treatment for hypertrophic scars includes cortisone injections, pressure dressings and surgical removal. Another effective treatment for hypertrophic scars called Silicone Gel Sheeting was developed within the last decade.
  • Getting Rid of Scars

    Getting Rid of Scars

    In 1997, Scarfade was introduced in the form of a topical silicone scar gel which is applied like a cream. It forms a micro-thin layer of silicone on the scar and can be worn under cosmetics. Asa result, constant skin contact is achieved in a comfortable andconvenient way. Scarfade gel isguaranteed to help beautify scars and quickly fade laser erythema.

Customer Testimonials

On March 21, 2016 I slipped & fell at our local post office and slammed my arm against the metal box fronts. OUCH!!!!! Even though I was wearing a long sleeved shirt and a lined jacket, I sustained a nasty abrasion. Funny that it didn’t tear my clothing….just my poor arm!!! I have previously used Scarfade on cuts and scrapes, but this time I wanted to start using it BEFORE the scab was off. I had read on the internet that using silicone on an open wound would help it heal faster. BUT you HAVE to make sure your hands are CLEAN to avoid infection. I’m sure this is one reason why the manufacturer’s instructions are to start using it AFTER the scab is off. The day of my accident, I applied just Neosporin three times. Then three times a day for the next week, I applied Neosporin, let it dry, then applied a layer of Scarfade and gently massaged it in to the wound before bandaging it. After the first week, I gently massaged Scarfade onto my wound three times a day.  I think my results are amazing!

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- Nancy B.

Scarfade is designed to provide a silicone micro-membrane, which moisturizes without skin maceration. This unique scar treatment formula is easily applied, dries quickly and leaves no sticky residue. It is available without a prescription.

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