Before & After

  • Burn Scar

    This patient used Scarfade for a burn scar. After a couple months of using it she saw great improvement and today the scar is pretty much gone.

    “Mine looks great – way better than I imagined after only three short months! Thank you, Scarfade! In fact, the results were so amazing, I only needed half the tube!”

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  • Before & After

    This woman suffered severe scarring on her hand as the result of a car accident. In order to get rid of her scars she used Scarfade for 8 months to treat her scars.

  • Sternotomy Scar

    For six months, half of this scar was treated with Scarfade while the other half was treated with a Placebo. As you can see, the portion of the scar treated with Scarfade showed significant improvement.