Combining Scarfade and Massage

Scarfade gel is great – but combining it with gentle massage is even better! Did you know that massaging techniques, along with the use of topical scar treatment gel, can maximize the effectiveness of scar fading? It’s true. Read on to learn how and why. Breakdown of Scar Tissue While we all know massage feels… Read more »

Can Sunburns Scar?

So you stayed out in the sun a little too long and now you have a sunburn. Ouch. This is ever pleasant, but sunburns usually fade in a day or two. However, in the case of excessive sun burning, you may be concerned that it could scar. The answer is it depends on the extent… Read more »

Piercings and Scars

You may have loved your piercing when you first got it, but maybe now that you have kids or got a job that doesn’t allow piercings, you are regretting your decision – mainly due to the scarring that can result. The good news is that most piercing scars and bumps tend to eventually fade on… Read more »

Skin Glue and How it Helps Prevent Deep Scarring

Skin glue sounds like something that accidentally used to happen in kindergarten when making crafts. But it’s a real thing and it can spell the difference between scarring and having smooth skin. Skin glue is a medical adhesive designed to join the edges of a wound together. This helps the wound heal without the threat… Read more »

Scar Formation & Treatment

Scars are your body’s way of healing itself over time. It’s an evolutionary response to injury, as your skin attempts to repair damaged tissue and replace it with healthy tissue. The severity of the scar that results will depend heavily on the depth of the wound, the type of wound, how you cared for it,… Read more »

The Emotional Impact of Scars

The injuries that scars cause can certainly lead to physical pain – sometimes long after the injury has healed. But not many people talk about the emotional impact of those scars – especially those that occur in highly visible areas such as the face and arms. Scars run deep, and that goes for emotional and… Read more »

What Causes Scars to Fade?

While no one wants lasting scars after an injury or surgery, the goods news it that most do tend to fade at least a little bit over time. In fact, most scars do fade and don’t result in long-term health problems, says the Cleveland Clinic. Most scars don’t need professional treatment, but often benefit from… Read more »

Surgical Scar Treatment

Scars from surgery are often unavoidable, whether you had a C-section or a total knee replacement. The risk of scarring will depend on whether you have sustained a deep cut or underwent a precise surgical incision. Even with the best surgeon behind your procedure, no one can control factors such as age, skin quality, chronic… Read more »

The Timing of Scar Treatment

You may wonder how soon you should dress and treat a fresh wound, and how scar treatment timing can affect the healing process. Timely treatment is key in avoiding scarring later on. The wound healing process is a complex one that is nothing short of amazing. The body works hard to heal itself after a… Read more »

Scar Treatments: What Are the Options?

Got a scar? Got several? You may wonder how you can keep them from getting worse. Even if you just got injured and have a fresh wound, it’s time to start planning on how you will minimize that wound’s appearance as it ages. Keeping the scar out of the sun is a good tip for… Read more »