Main Types of Scarring

From keloid to hypertrophic, there are many types of scars. Each one is a bit different, and each ones fades differently. Some even require different treatments. Today we will go over the two main types of scarring as well as how to fade them. Hint: Scarfade plays a big role in all of it. Just… Read more »

Scar Camouflage Tips

Hiding scars can seem like a full-time job, especially when they are located in highly visible places such as your face or arms. From makeup to clothing, here are some ways to camouflage your scars. Different Hairstyle If you have a scar on your forehead, neck, or ears, try a new hairstyle to cover them… Read more »

Top 6 Tips For Skin Health in Winter

Winter is a harsh time for skin. The persistent cold and dry temperatures drain the natural moisture from your skin, leading to chapping, drying, itching, and redness. Colder weather brings lower temperature and humidity levels, prompting your skin to need more outside assistance with staying hydrated. Wind and cold steal that hydration, which can also… Read more »

Most Important Skincare Steps

The most important skincare steps, based on the basic principles of healthy living, include regular exercise, healthy food, stress management, and plenty of sleep. Minimizing skin damage as well as following a skincare routine are also important tenets. Here is a look at the most important skincare steps. A Healthy Lifestyle From eating a healthy… Read more »

How to Support Scar Fading with Other Methods

From red light therapy to massage therapy to acupuncture, there are other alternative healing methods that can be used in conjunction with Scarfade to help reduce the appearance of scars. Let’s discuss how. Red Light Therapy Studies show that red light therapy can help modulate key cell characteristics that are known to contribute to scarring…. Read more »

Surgical Scar Fading

Having surgery? Worried about scars forming? Well, it’s a fact of life that surgery leaves scars. But it’s up to you to decide how you will help make them less noticeable. It’s important to note that scars from surgery vary from other types of scars. First, you can’t really avoid a surgical scar, especially when… Read more »

Scar Prevention: Do This and Don’t Do That

Scars are the last thing we want after suffering an injury or having surgery. Yet they can and do happen, some much more pronounced than others. While scar formation is inevitable in some circumstances, how fast your scar fades and to what degree is entirely in your hands. What you do after an injury will… Read more »

Will it Scar?

This is the big question you may be faced with after suffering an injury. From a cut to surgery to a burn, there is always a chance a wound can scar, especially if you don’t take good care of it. Sometimes scarring is inevitable in the case of surgical or other deep cuts, but there… Read more »

Weather and Scars

Did you know weather and temperature changes affect wound healing and scarring? It’s true. Both the sun and the cold can impact how well a wound heals as well as how it scars. In colder weather, the temperature and humidity levels are very low, which means your skin has to do more to remain hydrated…. Read more »

Scars and Age

How old you are will affect your ability to heal scarred areas as well as the overall issues that affect your skin. We can’t cling to the supple skin of our youth forever. Whether you’re a teenager or an older adult, proper skincare is essential to preventing fine lines, age spots and wrinkles. In general… Read more »