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This patient used Scarfade for a burn scar. After a couple months of using it she saw great improvement and today the scar is pretty much gone.

04This patient is using Scarfade to treat a surgical scar.  To date he has used it for 12 weeks.  He is continuing to use it and is still seeing improvement.






sternotomy-scarFor six months, half of this scar was treated with Scarfade while the other half was treated with a Placebo. As you can see, the portion of the scar treated with Scarfade showed significant improvement.


 This woman suffered severe scarring on her hand as the result of a car accident. In order to get rid of her scars she used Scarfade for 8 months to treat her scars.



sm hand_before

A 3 year old girl with scalding burns on her hand, her scar treatment consisted of 6 weeks of using Scarfade.

chin before

See how Scarfade scar treatment helped to get rid of scars from a jaw fracture injury. With just 8 weeks of treatment of Scarfade, you can see the significant difference.

nose before

After 5 months of scar treatment, this abrasion scar on the nose was significantly reduced due to Scarfade treatment.


This boy was attacked by a dog which resulted in several facial scars. Scarfade was used for a period of 4 months, reducing the appearance of the scarring drastically.

skin before

After receiving burns and scarring from her laser surgery, this woman treated her scars by using Scarfade for 12 weeks. Her scar treatment reduced the appearance of scars significantly.






foot 2 wks post - before

This patient is using Scarfade to treat a scar created by surgery to repair a badly broken ankle.  The pictures showcase the effects of approximately 6 weeks of scar treatment. The patient is continuing his Scarfade treatment and is continuing to see improvement.


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