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Burns and Burn Scar Treatment

Burns may result from a variety of different causes such as dry heat (fire, sun, etc.), liquids (steam, hot water, etc.), chemicals, electricity, and extreme cold. Over two million people in the United States are treated for burns each year and over three thousand die of severe burns. Burns differ in severity and are classified… Read more »

Massage Therapy As A Treatment For Scars:

It has been claimed by many that Massage Therapy can be an effective method of Scar Treatment. While researching this I certainly found plenty of reference to this technique. I was however unable to find any articles on the topic published in trade or medical journals. That is not to say the method has no… Read more »

The Importance of Silicone In Scar Treatment Products

Wow … I just did a Google search on the phrase “scar treatment products” and it came back with 891,000 results! Apparently there is a market for these products. As I clicked through several of the links it occurred to me how easy it would be for somebody that didn’t know any better to be… Read more »

Make The Application Of Sunscreen Part of Your Daily Routine

We have all heard the warnings about how important it is to use sunscreen, haven’t we? Apparently many of us aren’t listening. Research on the topic suggests that perhaps as much as 40% of us never use sunscreen even when we know we are going to be exposed to excessive sunlight. For this reason, skin… Read more »

The Use Of Silicone Gels In The Treatment Of Scars

While there are no formal studies I know of that would confirm the numbers, estimates from some in the medical community suggest that perhaps 100 million or more individuals throughout the world develop scars each year. Of course scars differ widely in their characteristics and thus their effects on individual patients. In some cases they… Read more »


On an almost daily basis our skin is exposed to such damaging forces as stress, sunlight, cigarette smoke and pollution. Such exposure can damage the skin and lead to the presence of free radicals. Free radicals are unstable molecules that can cause cells to function poorly or die and thus can help lead to premature… Read more »

Healthy Skincare Tip from Hanson Skincare

Why should you include cleansing and toning as part of your daily facial skincare regime? Cleansing and toning are one of the least expensive yet most effective ways to help maintain healthy, vibrant skin. CLEANSING: Cleansing is perhaps the easiest most important element of maintaining healthy skin. It is the basis for a healthy skincare… Read more »

Need a Tummy Tuck? Read This

A Tummy Tuck (also called Abdominoplasty) is a very popular procedure to remove excess skin from the abdominal area. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), there were approximately 148,410 Tummy Tuck procedures performed by member surgeons in 2007. The majority of the time, this procedure results in a greatly improved appearance for… Read more »

The Basics of Scars

As part of the body’s process of healing itself, scars are a natural result of trauma to the skin. When the skin is broken, the body’s response is to produce collagen in the affected area. Collagen helps to heal the area which is a good thing, however often the body will overproduce collagen. When this… Read more »

Punch Techniques For Scar Removal

When choosing a treatment for scars, it is important to first determine the type of scar you have. Just as there are many different types of scars, there are also many different treatment options available. A treatment that is effective on one scar may not be appropriate for another. A good physician will evaluate your… Read more »