6 Ways to Revive Your Skin

As we head into winter, it’s critical to keep your skin hydrated, soft and supple. Don’t let the cold weather rob your skin of its natural moisture and beauty! Dry skin only makes you look tired, unhealthy and older than you really are. Check out these six ways to revive your skin and restore its natural glow.

  1. 1. Exfoliate

Scrub away dead skin cells at least once a week. You can use an exfoliating scrub and loofah while in the shower to shed those dead skin cells and make way for new, smoother skin. Choose moisturizers and cleansers that contain natural materials, as they are designed to penetrate your skin better.

2. Lock in Moisture

Every day, apply lotions or oils after you get out of the shower. Choose a water-based lotion so you feel fresh all day. This locks in moisture and ensures your skin can draw off that moisture throughout the day. Without moisturizing, even for a day or two, your skin will start getting dry very fast.

3. Get a Massage

Why not pamper yourself and get a massage? This will help improve blood flow to your skin, improving its overall condition and making it look fresh, healthy and glowing. Plus, you’ll get a much-needed break from the stress in your life, which is also essential to healthy skin.

4. Apply a Fake Glow

With winter approaching, your opportunities to get a natural tan will be few and far between. Plus, the sun dries out your skin so you want to stay out of the UV rays unprotected anyway. Fake that glow instead with a highlighter or a shimmery bronzer. Next to sunscreen, a bronzer should one of your most coveted go-to cosmetics. You can also try a brightening face mask to restore that dewy look to your skin.

5. Eat Healthy

Caffeine and alcohol can both rob the skin of hydration. Same can also be said of sugary foods. Drink lots of water throughout the day and munch on fresh fruits, vegetables, and greens to keep your skin soft and supple.

6. Use the Right Bath Essentials
You may assume all soap is created equal, but it’s not. Look for all-natural soaps designed for sensitive skin. Those made from 100 percent natural milk protein in particular can brighten and moisturize skin. Pair with a soothing body wash for the ultimate in fresh-looking skin.

As part of a good skin care regimen, you should always have a tube of Scarfade handy for when accidents happen. It works great on cuts, incisions and scrapes, reducing the appearance of scars. Keeping your skin beautiful and scar-free is possible when you combine all of the above tips and use Scarfade as directed.