All About Scarfade Products

Minimizing scarring on your face or elsewhere on your body can be a tough proposition. Where can you turn? Which products can you trust? Here at Scarfade, we are here to tell you all about our scientifically proven products that all come with satisfaction guarantees you can count on. 

If you are not happy with your purchase in any way, simply return it to us for a replacement or refund. Scarfade also matches prices, so if you find one of our products in another store or online, tell us and we will price-match it.

From sheeting to gel, we sell the products you want for fading scars fast. Our topical treatments not only reduce scarring on the skin, they slow down production of collagen. This reduces the appearance of scars over time – when you use it as directed of course. We back all our products with medical studies that you can read about here.

Best part is, you can use any of these products on scars resulting from burns, cuts, surgical incisions, car accidents and sports injuries.

Check out the Scarfade product line:

Scarfade Gel Tube – 15g, 30g, 60g

Applied like a cream, this is actually a gel that leaves a thin silicone layer on your healing scar so it won’t be as prominent over time. Massage on the area in question (make sure the initial wound has healed). You will see that it doesn’t leave a greasy residue behind. Plus, it is invisible so you can put it on before you apply your make-up. At the end of the day, simply wash off with soap and water. Reapply at bedtime and you’re good to go. This gel is good for keloid and hypertrophic scars, as well as other types of scars from burns, surgeries, and car accidents.

Scarfade Sheeting 3”x4”

Our flexible, thin 3”x 4” medical grade silicone sheet reduces the intensity and size of scars. Use it for larger areas, and rest assured it won’t stick and leave residue behind. To adjust the size to fit your specific scar size, you can even cut it into smaller pieces. Best part is, it’s re-usable. You may use our sheeting in conjunction with our Scarfade Gel.

Vitamin C Enriched Scarfade Gel Tube, 15 g

This superior product has scar-reducing properties that you’ll find with the original standard formula plus an anti-oxidant that gives you the healing properties of Vitamin C. This component will speed up scar healing even more through the growth of collagen and elastin. You can easily apply it and even wear it under cosmetics. This tube will last about 12 weeks for scars up to about three inches long.

Scar Therapy Kit

If you’re undecided whether you should use Scarfade Gel or Scarfade Sheets, you can try them both with our scar treatment kit. In this kit, you will find 1 3×4” Scarfade Sheet plus one tube of Scarfade Gel, 15g. When you bundle them in one package, you save nearly $15 than if you were to buy them separately. You can even alternate which product you use, as some of our customers apply the Scarfade Sheets at night and then massage in the Scarfade Gel during the day.

Interested in any of our revolutionary products? Just give us a call at 800-771-2215 or browse online!