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Sweat and Scars

Sweating is a normal human response to overheating, but when it comes to scars, this process is compromised. Because scar tissue doesn’t have sweat or oil glands, this can impair the regulation of body temperature. In addition, scar tissue is not as lubricated or elastic as normal skin is. What exactly is sweat? Also known… Read more »

Sun and Scars

Summer is fast approaching, which means you’ll likely be spending more time outdoors. You already know the importance of protecting your skin when outside, but if you have scars, you need to be even more diligent about sun exposure. Did you know that the American Academy of Dermatology advises that, while all scars need extra… Read more »

Dealing With Scars in High-Movement Locations

From knees to elbows, wounds to body parts containing a joint can be particularly tricky to heal. That’s because these high-movement locations can make it hard for the wound to heal initially, which can contribute to scarring. Other high-movement locations include the face and hairline, where expressions can hamper healing as well. Specific locations of… Read more »

First Aid For Children

Cuts and scrapes are a part of being a kid. From falling off bikes to injuries during team sports, it’s important for parents and other caregivers to know first aid, especially in regards to children. The sooner a wound can be treated, the less likely it will scar. Let’s take a look at how to… Read more »

Scar Revision: What is It and Do You Need It?

Scar revisions are procedures performed on a scar to alter its appearance. The purpose may be to improve the scar’s cosmetic appearance, restore function to the area of the body affected by the scar, or to improve an itchy scar. While scars can’t be completely removed, there are ways to drastically minimize their appearance, from… Read more »

Embracing Scars

Scars have a negative connotation in most people’s minds, but they don’t have to. Perhaps you could embrace your scars as a badge of honor and turn the negative into a positive! Here’s how to accept your body and realize that scars are a normal part of healing, whether from a C-section, accident or burn…. Read more »

Main Types of Scarring

From keloid to hypertrophic, there are many types of scars. Each one is a bit different, and each ones fades differently. Some even require different treatments. Today we will go over the two main types of scarring as well as how to fade them. Hint: Scarfade plays a big role in all of it. Just… Read more »

Scar Camouflage Tips

Hiding scars can seem like a full-time job, especially when they are located in highly visible places such as your face or arms. From makeup to clothing, here are some ways to camouflage your scars. Different Hairstyle If you have a scar on your forehead, neck, or ears, try a new hairstyle to cover them… Read more »

Top 6 Tips For Skin Health in Winter

Winter is a harsh time for skin. The persistent cold and dry temperatures drain the natural moisture from your skin, leading to chapping, drying, itching, and redness. Colder weather brings lower temperature and humidity levels, prompting your skin to need more outside assistance with staying hydrated. Wind and cold steal that hydration, which can also… Read more »

Most Important Skincare Steps

The most important skincare steps, based on the basic principles of healthy living, include regular exercise, healthy food, stress management, and plenty of sleep. Minimizing skin damage as well as following a skincare routine are also important tenets. Here is a look at the most important skincare steps. A Healthy Lifestyle From eating a healthy… Read more »