Best Scar Treatments for Kids

Scars in children aren’t that much different than those in teens and adults. The major difference is that kids heal much more quickly and easily, which helps when trying to lessen the possibility of scarring. That being said, kids get hurt – a lot. They’re very active indoors and out, increasing the chances for injury. It’s important to address those injuries right away so they don’t leave scars that follow them throughout life.

The Healing Process

A scar forms when the skin produces a protein known as collagen to help repair trauma to the skin. This collagen helps the damaged tissue heal, but can produce an extra layer of rubbery, tough skin called a scar. They may start out red, but scars often fade over time to a white or silver color. Once the initial scab falls off, the skin is healed; however, if the injury was severe enough, a scar can result. Immediate treatment is important.

Your best bet is to use a treatment that helps regulate the body’s production of Collagen, which is made up of tough, white protein fibers that reconnect broken tissue, says KidsHealth. More on that in a minute.


First off, apply pressure garments to the wound to keep hypertrophic scars at bay and to keep the scar tissue soft. Because scar tissue is quite active in the beginning stages, keep the wound covered to suppress further growth. Encourage your child to consume foods and beverages that contain Vitamin C to promote skin healing.

That’s because Vitamin C, AKA ascorbic acid, is needed in the synthesis of collagen, says WebMD. It’s also an anti-oxidant that can help protect cells from free radical damage. Numerous studies have shown that Vitamin C has high wound healing properties. Grape seed extract and bromelain also have been found to promote healing.

Once the initial wound has healed and the scab has fallen off, it’s time to get serious about preventing or minimizing scarring. That’s where Scarfade comes in. This is a topical treatment, designed to reduce scarring, that’s ideal for scars originating from cuts, burns, accidents and sports injuries. It can even be used on acne scars.


You may wonder: is this product safe for use on my child? The answer is yes, Scarfade is easily tolerated by kids and can be easily washed off with soap and water. They can wear it all day, every day, throughout the recommended course of treatment. After a shower or bath, you can re-apply it once the skin is dried. Be sure to follow the recommended treatment times that are listed on the tube.

As a parent, you should always have a tube of Scarfade in your medicine closet or first aid bag, as you never know when injury will strike in a house full of kids!