Combining Scarfade and Massage

Scarfade gel is great – but combining it with gentle massage is even better! Did you know that massaging techniques, along with the use of topical scar treatment gel, can maximize the effectiveness of scar fading? It’s true. Read on to learn how and why.

Breakdown of Scar Tissue

While we all know massage feels good and soothes aching muscles, it has another benefit when it comes to treating scars. Using Scarfade in conjunction with massage can help hasten the breakdown of scar tissue, which is made up of collagen fibers. Those fibrous connective tissues help to repair damaged fibers that occur as a result of a burn, injury or surgical incision.

Scar tissue is restrictive, which means the elasticity of the tissues is not as great as your body’s natural muscular tissues. Massage will break down that tough scar tissue, which helps to #1, reduce the appearance of scars but #2 to decrease pain as well. It also relieves restriction and increases your range of movement, which is great if you have a scar on a joint such as an elbow or knee.

Massage Techniques to Try

Fortunately, there are many techniques you or your massage therapist can use to break down scar tissue. Those are:

  1. Sports massage: This type of massage focuses on soft tissue and uses varying amounts of pressure. Scar tissue breakdown occurs with a boost in temperature of the scar tissue, which loosens it and helps it break down more easily. This massage technique can also lower pain and increase relaxation.
  2. Deep tissue massage: This technique gets deeper within the muscle tissues and fibers in order to break down adhesions and collagen fibers. Adhesions will restrict movement and increase pain levels which in turn will lead to stress. Not only will this technique relieve restriction and reduce stress, it will decrease pain.
  3. Remedial massage: This is a complementary therapy that treats damaged, tense, knitted or immobile muscles.

The Reasoning Behind Massage

You get an increase in blood flow and a rising of temperature in your muscles and tissues during any kind of massage. These effects work to decrease tissue inelasticity to loosen up scar tissue and realign collagen fibers so they don’t have as much of a ropey appearance. In other words, massage aligns the scar tissue with your body’s natural muscle fibers more efficiently.

Best part is, you can do massage at home. You don’t have to go to a massage therapist and spend a fortune. When moisturizing your face and body with Scarfade lotion or gel on a daily basis, concentrate on the scarred areas using deep circular motions. This will help to lessen the appearance of your scar over time, plus it feels good!

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