Consistency Is Key In When Treating Scars

scar gel ScarfadeOver the past 15 plus years of speaking with customers about their scars, we have learned a great deal about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to scar treatment.  I was recently asked by a customer  what my number one tip would be when it comes to scar treatment.  Being caught off guard I wasn’t able to successfully narrow it down to just one, so instead I gave the customer my top five.  After the conversation was over, I gave it more thought.    I narrowed it down further and then discussed it with our staff here at Scarfade.  After some friendly back and forth we were able to come to an agreement.

So here it is … our nugget of wisdom, our number one tip for successful scar treatment is …. Be Consistent!  Ok, no big surprise there.  The title of the post kind of gave it away.  Here is why we came up with this as our top tip.  As simple as it may sound, this is the tip more of our customers fail to follow than any other.  So many people start using a scar treatment product with great hopes for amazing results.  After several days with seemingly little to no noticeable improvement, they begin to lose interest and perhaps start skipping a treatment now and then.  Before long they are only using it occasionally and then perhaps not at all.

Topical Scar Treatment products are designed to slowly improve the appearance of scars over an extended period of time.  During this time, it is very important that the user be diligent about following the recommended use schedule.   No scar removal product on the market works immediately.  Generally speaking, a full course of treatment with a good product should range in the neighborhood of 12-16 weeks.  I realize that sounds like a long time and that is why many give up before they ever realize the full potential of the treatment.

Improvement is gradual and difficult to notice on a day to day basis.  For this reason we often recommend that our customers take a picture of their scar before treatment begins and then again every few weeks during the course of treatment.  That way they can visualize the actual improvement they are achieving over larger chunks of time.  This helps them remain motivated to continue treatment.  Another trick is to make a point of treating the scar every time you brush your teeth.  Since most of us brush our teeth twice a day, this practice will ensure consistent use.

Of course, the information above assumes the product being used is truly effective.  There are lots of options available when it comes to topical Scar Treatment products.  We would of course love for you to choose one of our products, but regardless of which one you choose, please make sure it is one with Dimethicone (Silicone) as its primary ingredient.  This is the only ingredient proven via reputable scientific studies to be effective in the topical treatment of scars.  For more information on scars and topical scar treatment products, visit our blog and check out our other articles.