Coping With Acne Scars

Acne is a common skin ailment most often associated with teenagers. It appears as red bumps on the skin, and can occur in teens and adults nearly anywhere on the body. Acne is slow to heal and can cause stress and embarrassment. Some cases result in scarring of the skin. It is caused by a break in hair follicles in the skin when infected material destroys healthy skin cells around it. New skin forms with help from natural collagen, which takes time, and the skin’s surface is never as smooth as it once was.


Acne scars can take on many forms, resulting in discolored skin that stands out against the rest of the complexion. They are especially noticeable on the face and the back. For example, some scars can actually affect the shape of your face and change the way you look when you smile or frown. Some scars are even or slightly raised, while others are indented, resembling a pit formed from the loss of tissue.

Scar Remedies

For those who suffer from acne scarring on the chest, back and shoulders, a common remedy is to always wear a shirt to hide the scars. Scarfade is another option. It can be used on many different types of scars, including some caused by acne. However, the scar gel is generally ineffective on pitted scars. Scarfade scar removal products are more effective on saucer-shaped scars, which are the more even or raised varieties.

Laser skin treatments can be used to treat pitted scars by burning away the upper levels of skin to create a smoother appearance. This can cause additional scarring and redness of the skin which lasts several weeks or months. Laserfade scar cream can then be used to lessen the scars caused by laser treatments.

For deep pits, a puncture procedure performed by a dermatologist can remove the acne scar and raise the surface level of the damaged area if necessary. The skin is then sutured closed, leaving a less noticeable scar. This scar can then be treated as a regular surgical scar with Scarfade silicone scar gel to further reduce the scar’s appearance.

The recovery from acne lesions is a slow process that can be frustrating and disheartening. Over time, scars on the face, shoulders, chest and back can fade and, when treated properly, even disappear.