Creative Ways to Hide and Camouflage Scars

Not everyone likes to wear their scars in the open. Some people feel self-conscious and embarrassed by them. While you can diminish the appearance of scars by using silicone scar gel to fade them, there are some creative solutions to help hide or camouflage old scars or those that seem very prominent.

Long Sleeves and Pants

The old standby, of course, is to cover scars with clothing. Long sleeves and long pants are popular solutions in winter. If you still prefer long sleeves and pants in the summer, opt for slightly sheer materials with designs on them to make you look and feel cooler. Lighter colored fabrics will also help you stay more comfortable in warm temperatures. Use Scarfade sheeting to minimize the possible effects of discoloration on clothing.


A popular trend today is to have a tattoo cover up your scar. It works best with flat scars, rather than raised keloids. Choose a design that mimics and extends over the scar’s shape. Surgical scars from C-sections or back surgery, for example, might take the shape of a vine of leaves and flowers or perhaps a snake or long reptile.

For brightly pigmented scars, consider using the shape as the center of the design with the surrounding area decorated with a tattoo. A round scar, for example, might be the shell of a turtle. Using humor with a zipper tattoo or the image of something beside it allows you to be creative and create a piece of art centered around the scar, featuring it and masking it at the same time.

Facial Scar Makeup

Some facial scars can be easily covered with makeup. Start by applying concealer to the scarred area only. Some cosmetic manufacturers make stick concealer with light or green shades that are effective on red pigments and dark patches. Concealer that is equal or one shade darker than your natural skin tone can balance the appearance of pale scars. For raised facial scars, choose a concealer that is a shade lighter than your natural skin tone.

Cover the concealer with a layer of liquid base makeup applied over the whole face to create a uniform color that matches your regular skin tone. Using loose or pressed powder on top creates a smooth complexion.

Flesh Colored Tape

Paper tape with an adhesive backing can be applied to the skin to mask a scar. Choose a brand that is breathable and hypoallergenic.