How a Scar Removal Gel Works

Scars can happen in a variety of ways, but they can be frustrating in their stubbornness to fade on their own. There are certainly countless products and treatment options that claim to reduce scarring. So do they work, and how? What is a scar anyway? We’ll answer those questions.

First off, scars are the result of collagen fiber regrowth after a skin injury has occurred. “Most are superficial and will cause temporary changes in the color of the skin (usually red or white). However, others are deeper injuries leading to depressed scars (such as the case with acne), and raised scars or flat, shiny scars (such as with burn scars). Most scars, despite how you got them, will eventually change color and fade naturally, but scar gel treatments such as Scarfade can move things along and significantly reduce their appearance.

How Do Scar Gels and Creams Work?

Research shows that silicone is the most effective ingredient in reducing the appearance of scars. Why? Well, silicone reduces collagen overgrowth, which results in scarring. It also helps flatten and fade scars via hydrating the tissue. Other ingredients that are helpful include vitamin E oil and allantoin, which both soften the skin.

Using a bit of gel, hydrate and smooth the area so as to reduce redness and even out the skin. Total elimination is unlikely, especially with more severe scarring.

Before using scar treatment gels, protect the scarred area from the sun with sunscreen or protective clothing, as sun damage impairs the healing process and could even result in prolonged scar discoloration.

Also, before using over-the-counter or prescription creams, ointments, or gels, talk to your dermatologist. If your scarring is severe, such as from cosmetic surgery, prescription gels can help. You may also want to look into treatments such as steroids or oral antihistamines for scars that are itchy and sensitive.

How Scar Gels Work

Scar treatment gels like Scarfade have a micro-membrane that moisturizes the affected area, leaving no sticky residue behind. This is a topical treatment that is medically proven to slow down the body’s production of collagen and thus reduce scarring. You can use it on burns, cuts, incisions and injuries.

Silicone gels are inert or inactive; however, when applied topically, they work by covering the top layer of skin by retaining moisture and hydration. This prevents skin and scars from drying out.

Use it twice a day as directed and you will start to notice results over time. It’s very easy to apply and won’t leave a greasy feel to your skin or hands. Keep a tube handy on your bedside table or in the bathroom for easy application. Check out some before and after photos of how well Scarfade works!