How Does Scarfade Work?

You may have heard about Scarfade before but you’re new to our site and our product. You may be wondering: is it really that good? Can it really minimize my scars? Well, the answer is yes! But you may further wonder: how does it work? We are here to tell you some fun facts about Scarfade and how our product has been proven to lessen the appearance of all kinds of scars.

Fun Facts About How Scarfade Works

1.     Silicone is the main ingredient

Silicone is the most effective ingredient when trying to reduce the appearance of scars. Silicone gel works by flattening and fading scars by hydrating the affected tissue. Dry, cracked scars will not heal well, if at all. That’s why constant moisturization is needed, and a bit of vitamin E oil and allantoin never hurt either. Those are what give your skin its supple feeling.

2.     You just need a little bit

To apply, just put a pea-sized drop of Scarfade gel on your fingers, rubbing gently on the affected area. This motion and the Scarfade itself will start working to effectively reduce redness and make sure your skin is evened out.

3.     But first, make sure the wound is healed

Prior to using Scarfade, make sure the initial wound has healed. To ensure that, cover with antibiotic ointment and bandages.

4.     Protect the scar from the sun

During treatment, it’s important to protect the scarred area from the UV rays of the sun. Apply at least SPF 30 when venturing outside, no matter the season. Wear protective clothing, too.

5.     There are no sticky residues

Because Scarfade features a micro-membrane that offers moisturization yet isn’t oily like some other gel products, you won’t experience that annoying, sticky residue.

6.     You can use Scarfade on any scar

Scarfade is great for any type of scar, whether originating from a burn, cut, incision, car accident, sports injury, surgery, c-section, or acne.

7.     Use Scarfade for a few months

It will depend on the size of your scar, but for most small to medium scars, you may only have to use this product for between 12 and 16 weeks. Large scars will require treatment for up to 12 months. You can stop Scarfade application once changes are no longer seen. Apply twice a day in the morning and then again at night.

8.     Scarfade reduces secretion of collagen

Scarfade shifts production of growth factors (known as TGF, FGF) that are a part of dermal regeneration, thereby reducing the over-secretion of collagen while ensuring regulation of growth factors. This action reduces the size and intensity of your scars.

9.     Even kids can use it

Scarfade is great for children and can just wash off with soap and water. It’s even gentle enough to be used on your face!

10.  The before and after photos speak for themselves

Check out some before and after photos of the efficacy of Scarfade!