How Massage Affects Scarring

scar massageIf you’re wondering how to get rid of scars, one method of scar treatment that helps with short-term and long-term effects is the use of massage. Gently massage the tissue around your wound using lotion and a circular motion. Apply a greaseless formula so that your fingers glide across the scarred skin and don’t open old wounds or create new ones. Use light pressure from the thumbs to gently stretch the skin, which keeps it flexible and prevents a limit in your range of motion around joints. For large areas, the heel of the palm of the hand is equally effective.


Massaging scars improves blood circulation and minimizes swelling while promoting fluid drainage. Circular massage motions can prevent the collagen present in newly formed skin from being rigid and tough. Rubbing loosens the bonds of collagen and helps the scar stay flat. This, in turn, keeps scars from becoming larger and thicker.

Smooth Surface

Massage is especially effective in surgical scars. Once the incision is healed and all sutures and staples have been removed, fingers moistened with lotion can gently manipulate and smooth out the skin on the suture line and in the surrounding area. This minimizes the bumps and indentations associated with surgical scars.

Used With Other Methods

Massage therapy on scars can be used in conjunction with other methods of scar removal. For example, scar treatment cream can be applied to clean, dry skin in between scar massage sessions. Also, remember that studies show that REM sleep is when the body heals itself most efficiently. Get plenty of sleep to ensure maximum healing of scars and wounds.