How to Get Rid of Scars

Ah, the age-old question: how can you get rid of scars? Many people don’t want scars, as they can be unsightly, especially when on the face, arms or legs. Other people wear them as a badge of honor. But if you’re in the first group, you may be wondering if there are effective ways to rid your body of scars. The answer is yes. Well, you can at least fade them, which is not a bad thing.

First, though, it’s important to understand why our bodies form scars.  When the skin is broken, your body views it as a potential area for bacteria and resulting infection. Its first instinct is to seal the break as soon as possible. Unfortunately, your body doesn’t care about the aesthetics of its job, so it often sends an overabundance of collagen to repair the wound site.  This often results in a thick scar that extends beyond the original boundaries of the wound.

With the passage of time, some of the collagen is reabsorbed by the body once the risk of infection has gone away, replaced and replenished by even more natural skin collagen. However, that initial scar-forming effort by the body will leave you with a bit of unnatural-looking skin in that area.

Minimizing Scar Appearance

Before scars become scars, they are fresh wounds that need to heal. How deep that wound is will determine whether you need stitches or not. But even stitched wounds can scar. That being said, wide gaping abrasions not treated with stitches will scar a whole lot more. The wider the area of your wound, the more of that quick-and-not-so-pretty collagen is needed to immediately patch up the area. Stitches will decrease the area required to be sealed by collagen.

The first step is to treat the wound. Clean it out, bandage it and get it under control. Once it starts healing, it’s necessary to protect it from sunlight, which can be harmful to fresh scars. Also, don’t smoke, as smoking can disrupt scar recovery. If a wound is going to heal in the most optimal way, it requires maximum blood supply and oxygen.

Scar Treatments

The best and least invasive form of scar treatment is the over the counter kind – specifically silicone scar treatments like Scarfade. The silicone present in Scarfade helps reduce excess collagen formation, coupled with regular massaging and moisturizing of the area. This will keep the newly-formed collagen smooth, soft and supple so it doesn’t thicken up and get firm and ropy.

You can use Scarfade gel on scars resulting from burns, cuts, surgical incisions, sports injuries and auto accidents. We encourage you to just try it. You will love the results!