Overcoming The Challenges Of Foot Scars

Foot scars can be caused by many different sources. From laceration in stepping on sharp objects to surgery to correct broken bones or bunions, foot scars are more difficult to heal than many other areas of the body. One reason is that many parts of the foot have round or uneven surfaces. Since healing skin is weaker than the surrounding skin, pulling and jostling of the scarred area can reopen the wound, especially when the foot is frequently moved while walking or under pressure from standing. It has been clinically proven that the webbed areas of the hands and feet are at high risk of poor cosmetic healing, which complicates scar treatment and healing.

Another issue complicating the healing of foot scars is the use of socks and shoes. When worn too soon, fibers from socks can become embedded in a wound that isn’t carefully cleaned and dressed. As a result, the area can easily become infected, which prolongs healing and can lead to more prominent scarring. Shoes can compress the wound area, causing pressure and rubbing against the bandage or against the bare sore.

Circulation is another important factor in wound healing and the development of less noticeable scars. Restricted circulation in the foot can result in poor wound healing and more noticeable scars. Keeping the foot elevated helps with circulation and improves the blood and oxygen supplies to the foot. It also helps to gently massage the scars so that they don’t inhibit the movement of the foot.

There are several ways to cope with scars on the feet. One is to simply wear socks and shoes so that they are never seen. The scar doesn’t go away, but it is hidden, which prevents people from being embarrassed by their foot scars. While covering up isn’t an inconvenience for many people in the wintertime, those who like to go barefoot in the summer and swim at the pool or the beach can grow frustrated with their noticeable scars.

Another option is to have laser treatment. While this can minimize the effects of scars, it won’t make them go away completely.

In addition to or instead of laser treatment, use of scar treatment cream helps to further minimize the thickness and help fade scars. Scars on the feet are often red and show up more noticeably in paler skin tones.