Scar Camouflage Tips

Hiding scars can seem like a full-time job, especially when they are located in highly visible places such as your face or arms. From makeup to clothing, here are some ways to camouflage your scars.

Different Hairstyle

If you have a scar on your forehead, neck, or ears, try a new hairstyle to cover them up naturally. There are many hairstyles you can research that will conceal your scar. Read fashion blogs or consult a stylist for suggestions.


Long sleeves and pants will effectively cover arm and leg scars. Choose pieces that are long enough that they cover the scars you’re looking to hide, being careful not to roll up your pants or sleeves to accidentally reveal the scar.

Silicone Scar Gel

This one doesn’t have immediate effects like all the rest, but rather it’s a long-term solution to fading your scars. Using products like Scarfade daily can minimize the appearance of scars over time for more natural concealment.


Bracelets, rings and watches can hide hand or wrist scars. Choose accessories that are wide enough to cover the scar. You can even double or triple up on bracelets and watches to hide larger scars.


When choosing makeup to cover scars, be sure to complement your skin tone so the scar blends in. There are many heavy cosmetics and concealers on the market designed to temporarily hide your scar. Test it on your skin first to see if it achieves the desired effect. You may have to put on one or more layers.

Scar Camouflage Kits

Available at beauty supply shops, drugstores, and salons, scar camouflage kits contain a paste you can use to cover up deeper scars for longer lasting protection. These adhesive creams and powders stay on longer than regular makeup.

Concealing or Micropore Tape

These products match your skin tone and blend your scar in. You can cut the adhesive to match the shape of your scar so it blends in better.

Camouflage Tattooing

Surgeons can tattoo older scars with your skin tone in order to match the colors, thanks toadvances in technique over the years. It’s similar to getting a normal tattoo, usually with imperceptible results. Your scar should be at least two years old before you undergo camouflage tattooing to make sure it is fully healed. You could also cover your scar with a conventional tattoo. For that, consult a trusted tattoo artist.

See a Dermatologist

A cosmetic surgeon will be able to suggest the best course of action for scar removal or concealment if you really can’t stand the appearance of your scar.

Camouflage Your Scars With Scarfade

Don’t worry about visible scars any longer. Lessen their appearance with Scarfade, and rely less on heavy makeup and clothing. Pick up some Scarfade today or get in touch to learn about our many products.