Scar Treatment for Kids

scar treatment for kidsKids can get into silly and serious predicaments while they are having fun. Sometimes they hurt themselves without a care in their adventures. Other times, however, the injuries are more severe and are cause for concern. Children can develop scars from many causes, but not every cut or scrape becomes a  permanent scar. From skinned knees to cut fingers, children are prone to injuries that bleed, mar the skin and take some time to heal. Some kids require surgery for ailments and injuries. While the skin heals over time and scars may fade by the time they are adults, kids’ scars also have potential to be quite prominent and have lasting emotional effects. Scars can take a bold and confident child and make them feel self-conscious or embarrassed. The thick and stiff skin that forms can also prevent full movement of joints, muscles and limbs.

There are a number of ways to help children’s scars fade over time. As the injuries heal, allow the scabs to do their job. Scabs protect the wound while the skin heals. One reason that children’s scars take longer to heal that most adults’ scars is because they often have a hard time leaving the scab alone to let it form a new surface on its own. Deliberately removing the scab prolongs the healing process of the skin and typically creates a wider, thicker scar.

Protecting the skin from sunlight and infection are also helpful in promoting the healing process. Use of topical scar removal products is another way to prevent permanent marks on the skin and treat scars on children. Scarfade and Scarfade with Vitamin C help the skin to heal and prevents abnormally dark or wide scars from forming. The gel is rubbed onto the skin and is well tolerated by children. While using the product, they should take care to avoid contact between the product and the eyes or mucous membranes.