Choosing a Quality Scar Treatment Product

So, you have a scar, have done some research and you are aware of the availability of topical scar treatment gels and creams.  If this sounds familiar, you are also likely aware that there are many of these types of products available to choose from and you may be wondering how to decide which of them to purchase, if any.

There is no question that topical scar treatment products can be very effective at improving the appearance of all types of scars.  But … not all of them are created equally.  Below is a brief list of key points to consider when deciding which product deserves your hard – earned money.

Proven Results  

Of course results are important, right?  The problem is that every company is going to claim their product works.  It is up to the consumer to either accept those claims at face value or verify them.  Check the website of the product you are considering for both reviews and studies.  Reviews are great, but should not be the only place you look, as we all know there are ways a company can boost reviews and/ or pick and choose which ones you see.   Look for studies that demonstrate product effectiveness.  Taking it a step further, check the source of the studies.  Those published in reputable publications/ journals should be given more weight than those provided by bloggers, product reviewers, etc.  Studies published in medical journals generally must meet strict criteria and be reviewed by a board before publication.  


The number one and perhaps only ingredient proven to improve the appearance of scars is silicone.  This has been demonstrated in numerous published clinical studies.  Look for products that consist of primarily (90% or more) health grade silicone.  Silicones may be identified with words such as dimethicone, silicon, siloxane and others.  There are lots of products available with other interesting ingredients such as sunscreens, plant extracts, etc.  While those other ingredients may offer benefits for your skin, they are best used separately.  The key here is that silicones don’t mix well with other ingredients.  To successfully integrate other ingredients into a silicone formula, the silicone must be diluted down to a point where it is no longer the primary ingredient.  Remember, silicone is the number one (proven) most effective ingredient in topical scar treatment products.


How long has the product been on the market?  While it is true a newer product may be effective, it is also generally true that there is a reason products that have been around for a very long time are still being sold.  The scar treatment market is flooded with “me too” products trying to capitalize on the success of others that came before them.


As always, beware of claims that seem too good to be true.  It can be difficult to decipher what to believe and what not to believe, and it may come down to a gut feeling.  If a product designed to treat scars also claims to help with other conditions such as stretch marks, etc. ask yourself why it is being marketed as a scar product and not a product for those other conditions.  Look for honest feedback about what the product is capable of.  For example, scar treatment products in general aren’t particularly effective on mature scars from trauma to the skin that happened several years ago.  They are most effective on active scars up to two years old or so.  Products that claim to be successful on very old scars should be taken with a grain of salt.

Satisfaction Guarantee   

Not much need to elaborate on this one.  If a company stands behind their product, they should offer a money back guarantee.  When in doubt, why not go with the product that offers you the opportunity to get your hard-earned money back in the event it doesn’t deliver?

Hopefully, the information above will help you make an informed decision and prevent you from wasting money.  If you have already been burned by purchasing a product that didn’t live up to your expectations, don’t be discouraged.  There are some very good scar treatment products available.  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.  Our customer service team has many years of experience, and we pride ourselves on giving honest information.   We believe this is a big part of why we have been around for over 20 years.