The Secret to Silicone

Here at Scarfade, we have a secret: silicone is a key ingredient in our gel treatments and sheets. Let’s take a look at why silicone is such a great component and how it works.

Silicone for the purpose of treating scars is nothing new, although it’s relatively new to drug store shelves. The technology behind silicone sheets and gels have been used in hospitals and burn centers for decades. Silicone does four main things: improves skin hydration, protects the scar from the surrounding environment, reduces itching, and promotes healthy collagen production.

Scar tissue tends to get less stretchy when it’s dry. Silicone restores that hydration, locking the moisture in that your body would otherwise lose naturally. And because scar tissue is vulnerable to hyperpigmentation from the sun’s UV rays, silicone gels and sheets shade the scar so it doesn’t darken.

Silicone doesn’t work overnight, which is why continual daily application is critical. Also, newer scars fare better with silicone treatment because they aren’t yet fully healed. Older scars aren’t as responsive because they have already had a chance to form, set in, and discolor.

Scars: Nature’s Way of Healing

A scar is our bodies’ way of healing itself. When we get a wound, the skin closes it up fast to guard against infection. Tissue is rebuilt when the body sends out a call for fibroblasts, which are the cells that make collagen. But in this quick process of repair, new skin cells don’t always arrange themselves in the smoothest pattern because the fibroblasts make an excess of collagen. That’s why you get a scar.

Silicone prevents and heals scars through the creation of a protective layer over the area that keeps it from losing water. Moisture is required if damaged skin is to properly heal. If too dry, tiny cracks develop that allow for the entry of bacteria, which slows down healing. Silicone is porous, and in effect allows the skin to breathe, which speeds up healing.

Benefits of Silicone

  1. Silicone, a polymer comprised of silicon/oxygen atoms in combination with carbon and/or hydrogen, also has siloxane.
  2. Medical grade silicones treat scars in a multitude of forms, such as silicone gel tubes. Used in the body for pretty much all medical applications, silicone is proven for safety.
  3. Silicone gel spreads out thinly and dries quickly sans residue.
  4. Silicone is easy to use and tolerate, even with sensitive skin.
  5. Silicone can be used on irregular skin surfaces such as on joints or the face.
  6. It can  be used on any size scar.

Ready to get started on your silicone gel treatment? Try Scarfade today and see the difference!