Top 6 Tips For Skin Health in Winter

Winter is a harsh time for skin. The persistent cold and dry temperatures drain the natural moisture from your skin, leading to chapping, drying, itching, and redness. Colder weather brings lower temperature and humidity levels, prompting your skin to need more outside assistance with staying hydrated. Wind and cold steal that hydration, which can also have an effect on any scars you may have.

In addition to using Scarfade every day, here are some top tips for maintaining skin health in winter.

1.  Use a Humidifier

In winter, outdoor air holds onto less water, making it drier and colder. Using a humidifier in your home helps to restore moisture in the air so your skin stays hydrated. Keep your indoor humidity levels at 30 to 50 percent. The best time to run a humidifier is all night while you’re sleeping.

2.  Keep Thermostat Cool and Comfortable

When you’re eager to escape from the chilly, dry outside air, the first thing you will be tempted to do when you get home is crank up the heat. However, high central heat makes the air even drier. Try to set it at cool yet comfortable so your skin doesn’t suffer – between 68 and 75 degrees F.

3.  Lower Your Water Temperatures

The cold winter chill may have you longing for steamy hot showers in the morning. However, extremely hot water dries out the skin. Limit your showers to five to 10 minutes and keep the temperature at warm. If your skin is turning red, the water temp is too hot.

Same goes for washing your hands. Warm, soapy water, followed by moisturizer, is best when washing up after cooking or using the restroom.

4.  Adopt a Winter Skin-Care Regimen

If your skin is bothering you, stop using skin-care products that contain alpha-hydroxy acids and retinoids on your face. You can reintroduce them slowly once your face seems to be getting back to normal. Also, stay away from skincare products that contain fragrances and alcohol, which can rob the skin of natural oils.

5.  Use Sunscreen — Even in Winter

Snow will reflect the rays of the sun on bright winter days, which can multiply your UV exposure. Excessive exposure to UV rays can cause skin cancer, sunburns, and premature aging, such as leathery skin, wrinkles, and liver spots. It’s just as important to slather on the sunscreen when skiing and engaging in other winter activities as it is when hitting the beach in summer.

Even dreary winter days can allow 80 percent of the sun’s UV rays to get through the clouds and cause damage. Use an SPF of 30 or higher with moisturizing ingredients such as glycerin and lanolin to all exposed areas.

6.  Treat Your Scars Right

Winter can be a tough time for scars, as even scar tissue gets dried, chapped, red, and itchy. Moisturize scars frequently with a lotion and gentle circular motion, and apply Scarfade as needed twice daily. 

Grab Some Scarfade This Winter

If winter has your scars and the rest of your skin feeling itchy and irritated, pick up some Scarfade today or get in touch to ask questions about our products.