Treating Scars for Kids

We never like to see our little ones with bumps and scrapes, but the truth is – kids will be kids. Occasionally they’re going to get roughed up and will need some medical attention. While a lot of times kids just get superficial bruises and cuts, every now and then a more serious injury comes along that can leave a permanent mark no matter how hard you try to prevent it. Seeing that precious young skin marred up is hard to handle! So, what can you do about it? Here are some tips:

Take Care of Wounds Immediately

Whenever a child has a wound, be sure to gently wash it with clean, cool water. Apply an antibiotic cream and cover with a band-aid or pressure dressing.

Help Them Avoid Picking Scabs

Make sure to explain to your child that they cannot pick at their scabs, as it is a sure-fire way to make the wound larger and form a more prominent scar, not to mention slow down the healing process. Keep it moisturized and covered so the itching won’t make them tempted!

Use Vitamin E Oil or Cocoa Butter

Applying these moisturizing components to your child’s scars can help lessen the severity of scars.  Also, be sure to keep the scar out of direct sunlight.  And if your child is going to be out in the sun, make sure they were sunscreen, it’s not only beneficial to their skin but will help protect the scar.  Exposure to UV Rays tends to cause scars to become hyperpigmented and much more noticeable.


When a scar is persistent, Scarfade can easily be tolerated by children and worn 24 hours a day. It will wash off with soap and water and can be reapplied as soon as the skin is dry.  Scarfade has been clinically shown to help decrease the size and intensity of scars and is recommended by leading physicians around the world.

We hope you don’t have too many instances where scar treatment on your kiddos is necessary, but we know that treating them while their skin is young will help keep them from having a big scar in the future. When you need help, Scarfade is there for the whole family.