Scarfade: Undiluted Silicone Scar Treatment That Works

For those unfamiliar with our product, you may be wondering what makes ScarFade unique and how well it works. The short answer is ScarFade is an undiluted silicone product that works very well to reduce scars. We developed ScarFade as a way to help people get rid of their scars. Our product is a unique blend of medical grade silicones applied to a scar after the skin has closed and begins the healing process. We have a few different products available which people can use to treat scars by reducing their size and intensity. Our silicone gel and silicone sheeting are applied directly to the skin to create direct contact with the skin’s surface. This creates the best opportunity for fading of the scar and healing of the skin. When using ScarFade, visible healing takes places within the first two weeks of using our product. It should be used twice a day for three to four months, or until the scar’s size and intensity is no longer noticeable. We have carefully developed our product and believe that this is the most effective means to reduce scars.

While there will always be skeptics in every facet of life and industry, we find it disconcerting that there is an inaccurate review of ScarFade which disregards all of the information available about our ingredients and the true process that is used to treat scars with our product. What is possible is that those creating the review have not done their homework, as it states that our product is diluted with unnecessary ingredients. This is simply not true. Scarfade is totally undiluted and has no “unnecessary ingredients.”

Scarfade is just what they claim a good scar treatment should be, completely undiluted silicone. We are pretty sure Scarfade is the best scar treatment product on the market — so sure, in fact, that we do offer a money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied. So, give it a try and let us know what you think.