What is the Best Scar Cream?

Ah, a question for the ages. We all have scars, some small, some large, some worse than others. Whether you got yours from a burn, accident, cut or surgery, you likely want to know how you can minimize its appearance. Scar creams and gels are a great answer. The best one is the one with the most scientifically proven studies, customer testimonials, and company guarantees. Here at Scarfade, we offer all those things and more.

A consumer should be able to buy a scar cream with confidence, knowing their satisfaction is 100 percent guaranteed. First, let’s go into how scar gels and creams work.

  • Research shows silicone being the most effective ingredient in reducing the appearance of scars.
  • Silicone reduces collagen overgrowth, a.k.a. scarring
  • Silicone gels and creams helps flatten and fade scars because they moisturize the tissue.
  • Such treatments also have other ingredients that are helpful to this end, such as vitamin E oil and allantoin, which both work to soften your skin.
  • The best scar creams and gels (like Scarfade) have a micro-membrane that moisturizes the affected area, with no annoying sticky residue.
  • Topical treatments such as these are medically proven to slow down the body’s production of collagen, reducing scarring.
  • Scar creams can be used on all types of scars, such as burns, cuts, incisions and injuries.
  • Silicone gels are inert or inactive, but when applied topically, they cover the top skin layer by locking in hydration. This effectively prevents skin and scars from drying out.

Why Use Silicone Scar Gels and Creams?

There are many reasons. First off, silicone is a polymer consisting of siloxane, silicon atoms and oxygen atoms that are mixed with carbon and/or hydrogen. Silicone gels are safe for use on the body and are appropriate for all medical applications. Such scar creams have also been used in the plastic surgery industry for more than three decades, entering more mainstream applications as the years progress.

Unlike other treatments, when silicone gel is applied to scars, it will spread out over the skin in a very thin sheet, drying within seconds or minutes of application. Easy administration is one of the top benefits of silicone scar creams and gels, and are even great for those with sensitive skin and for kids. Plus, it’s easily applicable to any scar you may have – even on a joint or the face. That’s due to silicone’s durability and biocompatibility.

We are eager to share with you why our Scarfade products, from creams and gels to sheeting and scar therapy kits, are the best to use on any type of scar you have. Pick up a couple of tubes today, or call us for more information. First, check out some before and after photos of how well our products work.