Why is Silicone Important in Scar Treatment Gel?

There are many reasons. Not only is silicone safe for use on all areas of your body, it’s got natural healing properties that reduce the appearance of all types of scars. If you have scars on your face or other parts of your body, you likely want them gone or at least minimized. Maybe you tried all the creams out there on the market but haven’t gotten the results you wanted. If you haven’t tried silicone scar gel yet, make this a priority. Here’s why:

Why Silicone?

  • Silicone, a polymer comprised of siloxane, silicon atoms and oxygen atoms, is a combination of carbon and/or hydrogen proven to be safe for use on the body. 
  • Appropriate for all medical applications, medical-grade silicones are widely used in the treatment of scars. 
  • Tubes of silicone gel, such as those put out by Scarfade, are safe to use on scars of all types. 
  • At first, silicone was widely used in the plastic surgery niche for more than three decades. Now mainstream applications are taking over. 
  • When you apply a thin layer of this gel to your scar, it spreads evenly and dries within minutes. 
  • From easy administration to its quick acting benefits, silicone gel is great for sensitive skin and for use on kids.
  • Best part is, it even works great on joint areas that take a lot of stress when movement occurs such as knees and elbows. 
  • The durability and biocompatibility of silicone ensures it’s an ideal choice when you’re looking for effective scar treatment products.

How They Work

After a skin injury, scars form with collagen fiber regrowth. Yes, most scars are superficial in nature, only bringing about temporary differences in skin color. That being said, others go deeper and form depressed, raised or flat, shiny scars. Scar gel treatments such as Scarfade are meant to hasten the healing process, with the goal of reducing their appearance.  

Extensive research points to silicone as being the most effective ingredient in regards to the reduction of a scar’s look and feel. Why? Silicone reduces collagen overgrowth, flattening and fading scars that can happen with tissue hydration. Keep an eye out for these key ingredients in any cream or gel you buy: Vitamin E oil and allantoin. They both soften the skin.

Scar treatment gels have a micro-membrane that keeps the affected area moist. Best part is, you don’t have to suffer through all that sticky residue that can come with other sub-par products. Scarfade’s topical treatments are scientifically-proven to slow collagen production, resulting in less scarring. It can be used effectively on cuts, burns, incisions and injuries.

Silicone gels are inert or inactive until you apply them topically, where they will then cover the top layer of skin and lock in moisture. This additional hydration keeps the skin and scars from drying out. You heal faster and easier!

Learn why Scarfade is the best product you can use to lessen the appearance of scars. Call us, and check out these before and after photos.