Why Massage Therapy Works for Scars

Massage therapy is certainly good for soothing aching muscles, but did you know it’s also good for reducing the appearance of scars? In fact, when you combine massage therapy with a gel like Scarfade, you can better break down scar tissue.

The breakdown of scar tissue is a top common benefit of massage. Why? Well, scar tissue is comprised of collagen fibers, which are fibrous connective tissues that are responsible for many functions throughout the body. The main function within scar tissue is to repair damaged fibers. Because scar tissue is very restrictive, the elasticity of these tissues is smaller than your body’s natural muscular tissues. Massage therapists can break down scar tissue through massage, not only to reduce the appearance of scars but to decrease pain, relieve restriction and increase range of movement.

Most Effective Types of Massage

The most common and effective types of massage used to break down scar tissue include:

  • Sports
  • Deep tissue
  • Remedial

A sports massage focuses on areas of soft tissue, varying in pressure depending on personal preference. The breakdown of scar tissue during this type of massage occurs with an increase in temperature of the scar tissue. This increase helps the scar tissue to loosen and become broken down more readily. This technique also decreases pain and increases relaxation.

With deep tissue massage, the focus is on getting deeper within the muscle fibers and tissues to break down adhesions and collagen fibers caused by scar tissue. Adhesions tend to restrict movement and boost pain levels which lead to more stress. Breaking down scar tissue with deep tissue massage relieves restriction, reduces stress, and decreases pain.

Why Massage Works

During a massage, your body experiences an increase in blood flow and a rising in temperature of muscles and tissues. This rise in temperature decreases tissue inelasticity, thereby allowing the scar tissue to get broken down more easily. Once scar tissue has been loosened, the collagen fibers are realigned, reducing their ropey appearance. Massage helps to make sure the collagen fibers are more in line with the body’s natural muscle fibers.

You Can Do It At Home

You don’t have to get a professional massage to reap the benefits of scar reduction. When you moisturize your face and body each day with lotion, pay special attention to the areas of scarring. Use deep circular motions to work the area. Do this every day. In fact, use Scarfade to massage into the scar at the same time and increase your chances of lessening the appearance of the scar.

When used in conjunction, massage and a scientifically proven scar gel can work wonders for your skin! Learn more about our Scarfade products here.