Brianna 04/2014

Being burned with boiling water on October 25, over approximately 5 inches of my lower torso, was not only painful but left a very ugly reminder. I heard about ScarFade scar cream shortly after Thanksgiving and ordered my tube to start decreasing the appearance of my scar in early December. Shipping was immediate and I started the regimen. After the first few weeks, the redness and discoloration was so significant, I had to take pictures for comparison so I could be sure my recollection of the original scar was as bad as it was comparatively! The size was significantly decreased, the coloring lightened and overall appearance less noticeable. Mine looks great – way better than I imagined after only three short months! THANK YOU SCARFADE! In fact, the results were so amazing, I only needed half the tube! I gave the remainder to my mother, who has a scar from this Thanksgiving where a crystal platter fell off a shelf onto her forehead (several stitches, a cold turkey and very noticeable facial scar later…). She just began the regimen and we can’t wait to see the results!