I was born a clutz… broken several bones, surgeries, and acquired all kinds of scars playing sports and being a goofball growing up. I searched for, and tried many different types of scar creams/remedies, but with very little or no improvement. Eventually, I considered all those products a waste of money.

Thanks to Scarfade, I can happily admit I was wrong! I had surgery done on my foot/ankle that resulted in a nasty incision with 11 staples. The scar was Frankensteinish! I thought there was no way I could even dream to get the results Scarfade gave me. Not only does the product work by giving the most improved appearance and texture of the scar, but it’s so easy to use. No funky smell, no hassle, not at all messy or unpleasant to apply. This is an awesome product and I am definitely going to use it on any future scars I’ll inevitably get and keep it on hand for my daughters who take after their tomboy mom. Thanks!