Susan M Newman

My name is Sue Newman and I have had six separate skin cancer spots surgically removed in the last twelve years. The latest one done on my upper arm in September 2012.

I was given a tube of Scarfade to use on this latest scar. I began using the ointment after my stitches were removed. I apply it in the morning after my shower and again before going to bed at night. I’ve been very pleased with the results. This scar has healed faster than my other scars did in the past. The redness faded quickly and the raised thickened skin of the scar has flattened out and is smooth now. There was a bump on the end of this scar when it was new that I didn’t think would smooth down and it’s gone now too. I’m still using the ointment twice daily and feel it’s still improving the look of the scar. I would highly recommend Scarfade to anyone I know. It works!