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Why Different Parts of the Body Scar More Easily Than Others

Scars are essentially areas of fibrous tissue that form when the dermis (the deepest layer of skin) is damaged in some way, either through cuts, burns, abrasions, tears or puncture wounds, according to WebMD. Even acne and chicken pox can cause scarring later in life. Any scab you pick at repeatedly without allowing to heal… Read more »

Mom’s Emergency Kit

What you should have in your purse at all times As a mom, you’re ready for any situation. Whether a bandage, a piece of gum, tissue, or a credit card, you’re prepared for any eventuality. Here’s a comprehensive Mom’s Emergency Kit guide to make sure you have all you need. Hopefully, you have a big… Read more »

How to Prevent Scars from Bug Bites

Summer is a great time to be outside, whether swimming, barbecuing or just lounging in a hammock. But when evening descends, so too do mosquitoes and other bugs. You may swat at them and spray them, to no avail. Once you’re stung or bit, the site often itches.  Naturally you want to scratch these areas,… Read more »

Water Sports & The Scars They Can Cause

Summer is the perfect time to hop on a personal watercraft and ride the waves, or go water skiing with friends at the lake. Taking the right safety precautions is key, but even so, accidents can and do happen. From scratches to gashes to cuts, those minor injuries can have a lasting effect if not… Read more »

The Best Summer Adventures (That Might Leave a Scar)

If you’ve been yearning for an adrenaline rush that will get your heart racing and blood pumping, this is the list for you. Check out these top five summer adventure activities, and don’t worry about the scar that they may leave: Surfing If you live in a coastal state, like California, summer is the perfect… Read more »

How to Care for Cuts from Your Summer Adventures

Summer is one of the most active times of year—from days at the pool to bike rides and runs, surfing and skydiving, and any number of other adventures.  Minor injuries such as scrapes and cuts are often associated with these types of activities. Here are some useful tips for caring for cuts earned from your… Read more »

How Micronutrients Help Fight Scars

In order for a wound to heal, fibrous, connective scar tissue forms around the damaged skin or tissue. The scar tissue works as a protective barrier, preventing any further injury to the region. Scar formation and healing time are dependent on the size, depth and location of the wound, the age of the injured person,… Read more »

How Stitches Help Reduce the Appearance of Scars

We’ve all been there: a careless finger slice while chopping vegetables, a head bonk on a sharp cabinet door, or a freshly sliced hand from broken glass. What begins as an accident often winds up as a painful deliberation session as to whether or not to head to the ER or suck it up and… Read more »

The Story Behind My Scar

We all have scars! But, what makes them unique is how we got our scars. Some people may have fallen off of their tricycle as a child, or jumped into a pool and scraped their leg. Either way, all of the stories behind our scars are unique! We asked our customers to share how they… Read more »

What Do Nutrition and Exercise Have to Do with How Well Scars Heal?

Possibly because most treatments for scars and skin conditions are topical solutions, few realize the value that healthy diet and exercise have in improving skin condition. There are a variety of ways that exercise and proper nutrition can help improve skin health; your skin is affected by the way you treat your body in general,… Read more »