Do Silicone Scar Treatment Products Really Work?

There are numerous Silicone Gel Scar Treatment products available today.  But do they really work?  Until relatively recently, very little reliable scientific data existed to explain how silicone gels work on scars.  Many so called studies were conducted, demonstrating via before and after photos, that silicone gel did indeed reduce the size and appearance of… Read more »

Scar Medicine: Healing 2 Types of Sternotomy Scars

February is Heart Month. This brings to mind the topic of heart surgery, which is a way to treat problems such as coronary heart disease and heart failure. Heart surgery is also used for transplants and repairing heart valves. Much preparation is done for heart surgery, and it varies slightly depending on what type. According… Read more »

Wound Healing and Scars

Because healing  processes vary, even a perfect wound closure performed by a skilled physician can result in a scar.  In certain patients, scars can become raised, reddened and firm.  These “hyper” enlarged scars are known as hypertrophic or keloid scars.  People with dark skin or those who tan easily are more likely to develop these… Read more »

How to Use Scarfade in the After effects of Breast Removal

While any surgery is difficult to deal with, breast removal can be especially upsetting both before and after the surgery. It leaves a scar over one side of the chest. Often referred to as a mastectomy, breast removal surgery is usually a result of a breast cancer. Although breast cancer is most common in women,… Read more »