On March 21, 2016 I slipped & fell at our local post office and slammed my arm against the metal box fronts. OUCH!!!!! Even though I was wearing a long sleeved shirt and a lined jacket, I sustained a nasty abrasion. Funny that it didn’t tear my clothing….just my poor arm!!! I have previously used Scarfade on cuts and scrapes, but this time I wanted to start using it BEFORE the scab was off. I had read on the internet that using silicone on an open wound would help it heal faster. BUT you HAVE to make sure your hands are CLEAN to avoid infection. I’m sure this is one reason why the manufacturer’s instructions are to start using it AFTER the scab is off. The day of my accident, I applied just Neosporin three times. Then three times a day for the next week, I applied Neosporin, let it dry, then applied a layer of Scarfade and gently massaged it in to the wound before bandaging it. After the first week, I gently massaged Scarfade onto my wound three times a day.  I think my results are amazing!

scarfade-testimonial-nancy-24weeks scarfade-testimonial-nancy-8weeks scarfade-testimonial-nancy-3weeks scarfade-testimonial-nancy-initial

- Nancy B.

I was diagnosed with a basal cell carcinoma last year, located on my forehead between my eyebrows.  After having it removed I had approximately a 1 inch incision that had several stiches and after removal I had a substantial wound.  My friend Nancy sent me Scar Fade and I used it diligently for a month and continued to use it as I felt it was needed.  I am very pleased with the outcome!!  Can’t even see where the incision was made!  Thank you Nancy for introducing me to Scar Fade!

- Barb

monicaThis is a before and after of my 7 year old daughter, who was bit by a dog under her left eye and was cut to the bone.

After the stitches were removed, we began using ScarFade gel and ScarFade Silicone sheets. The results are remarkable, and this has only been 3 months!

We are very thankful for ScarFade!

- Monica

Being burned with boiling water on October 25, over approximately 5 inches of my lower torso, was not only painful but left a very ugly reminder. I heard about ScarFade scar cream shortly after Thanksgiving and ordered my tube to start decreasing the appearance of my scar in early December. Shipping was immediate and I started the regimen. After the first few weeks, the redness and discoloration was so significant, I had to take pictures for comparison so I could be sure my recollection of the original scar was as bad as it was comparatively! The size was significantly decreased, the coloring lightened and overall appearance less noticeable. Mine looks great – way better than I imagined after only three short months! THANK YOU SCARFADE! In fact, the results were so amazing, I only needed half the tube! I gave the remainder to my mother, who has a scar from this Thanksgiving where a crystal platter fell off a shelf onto her forehead (several stitches, a cold turkey and very noticeable facial scar later…). She just began the regimen and we can’t wait to see the results!

- Brianna 04/2014

I am so happy with scarfade my daughter had an accident last summer which left a large scaly scar on her forearm with scarfade It has helped smooth the skin and take away the redness. Thank you so much.

- Courtney 11/7/2013

About 4 years ago last March I had a knee replacement and my niece gave me some Scarfade and told me how great it was at making scars almost fade away. She was right. And then last September I had my other knee replaced, she gave me another tube in my get well package … I again used it. When I went back to see my Doctor for my 6 month visit after the surgery he said that it looked great and I should do an advertisement for Scarfade.

- Marion / 6-5-2013

I love love love scarfade! I postponed having breast reduction for years because I was worried about the scars. I found out about scarfade and saw the results others had had from it. I went ahead with my surgery and used scarfade!!! I had wonderful results. You can’t even tell I had the surgery done it worked so well! Scarfade works and I am so thankful for it!!!

- Michelle / 5-12-2013

I began using Scarfade on the scar I received from a cesarean section in June 2010. Part of my scar was puckered from a section of bad stapling in which my skin had been folded. I saw results within weeks! I continued to use the gel for 6 months, and after comparing with a friend that also had a c-section, I believe without a doubt that Scarfade made a huge, positive difference in the appearance of my scar. The scar is so fine now that I have to point it out to others for them to notice it and you can’t see any difference between the area my skin was stapled badly and the area it wasn’t! Thank you, Scarfade!

- Jessica / 5-8-2013

I had great results with Scarfade. Over 2 years ago I managed to burn my arm when taking something out of the oven. The scar was over 2 inches long and about half an inch wide. I thought over time it would fade but I noticed instead it was getting darker. I did some internet research and found Scarfade. I followed the instructions and used  Scarfade twice a day. I saw results right away and after about 2 weeks my scar was virtually gone. I could not be more pleased and more enthusiastic about recommending this product.

- Maggie

I have used ScarFade following the removal of a basal cell carcinoma in the middle of my forehead. My two inch scar has dramatically improved over this 3 month post-operative period and is barely visible. ScarFade is a wonderful product.

- Claudia