My name is Sue Newman and I have had six separate skin cancer spots surgically removed in the last twelve years. The latest one done on my upper arm in September 2012.

I was given a tube of Scarfade to use on this latest scar. I began using the ointment after my stitches were removed. I apply it in the morning after my shower and again before going to bed at night. I’ve been very pleased with the results. This scar has healed faster than my other scars did in the past. The redness faded quickly and the raised thickened skin of the scar has flattened out and is smooth now. There was a bump on the end of this scar when it was new that I didn’t think would smooth down and it’s gone now too. I’m still using the ointment twice daily and feel it’s still improving the look of the scar. I would highly recommend Scarfade to anyone I know. It works!

- Susan M Newman

I have used Scarfade over the past 14 years off and on for various cuts and even a couple surgeries. I had a horrible two inch cut on my ankle from shaving my leg and now, even 10 years later you can’t see where it was because I used Scarfade Scar Gel. It is important to use it twice a day and be diligent about using the gel until the scar is faded but it is worth it. I have also used Scarfade on my knee after arthroscopic surgery and you can’t see the incisions, the same with my shoulder. When I go in for my final shoulder surgery in March I will again use Scarfade to get rid of the incision marks.

- Trish

I was born a clutz… broken several bones, surgeries, and acquired all kinds of scars playing sports and being a goofball growing up. I searched for, and tried many different types of scar creams/remedies, but with very little or no improvement. Eventually, I considered all those products a waste of money.

Thanks to Scarfade, I can happily admit I was wrong! I had surgery done on my foot/ankle that resulted in a nasty incision with 11 staples. The scar was Frankensteinish! I thought there was no way I could even dream to get the results Scarfade gave me. Not only does the product work by giving the most improved appearance and texture of the scar, but it’s so easy to use. No funky smell, no hassle, not at all messy or unpleasant to apply. This is an awesome product and I am definitely going to use it on any future scars I’ll inevitably get and keep it on hand for my daughters who take after their tomboy mom. Thanks!

- Ellen

Although it had been over 7 months since my last surgery when I started using Scarfade, I was amazed at the difference it made. After 2 surgeries and difficulties with healing, my scar had been very deep and dark. Scarfade aided in the skin restoration and fading of the scar. I love the product and would like another brochure (I lost mine) to share with my ankle surgeon. Thank you for including me in your study!

- Lorna

We love all of the Scarfade and Hanson Skin Care Products! We were introduced to Scarfade Products in 2009 when my daughter was in an accident and needed multiple plastic surgeries. The plastic surgeon that performed her last two surgeries recommended Scarfade silicone sheeting to us as well as the Scarfade gel! We love the products! I have told everyone how great the products are!

- Salina

I was introduced to this product by Dr. Kaufmann at St. John’s Hospital in Warren, MI in 1998 after I was involved in a car accident. I required sutures in my forehead and was afraid of being scarred for life. I used the product as instructed. Unless I point the scar out to you, you would never know it was there!!! This product is fantastic. I have been recommending it to others for years!!! Thank you Dr. Kaufmann!!

- Anita

I used the Scarfade Gel after having had three surgeries on the back of my hand, and forearm and I must say – I am definitely impressed with the results. What I thought were going to be a couple of nasty scars due to the size of the incisions are virtually unnoticeable. So now thanks to a skilled surgeon, I am cancer free, and unless I was to point it out, thanks to Scarfade, the surgery is just a story with no visuals. This is truly a great product and I would certainly recommend it to anyone I know.

- Curtis

In these simple words I Love the Product. I had told you I used it a year ago for some facial scarring that I had when I had a mole removed from my face and today you can’t even see where the scar was! It is truly an amazing product and I highly recommend it to anyone. At first I thought it was overpriced but with the results it gives it is well worth it!!!

- Rebecca

This stuff is amazing. I’ve had some pre skin cancer spots removed with stitches. The first one I did not know about Scarfade and the second one I did and what a difference from the first scar and the second. This stuff is great to have on hand even for the little cuts you might get.

- Janey

I had a pretty bad ankle break (both bones), long story short I needed surgery. Four inch long incision with 12 staples to hold in the plate and eight screws that were installed. This was in February. After several months of using Scarfade, which by the way I am still on the original tube, only using a button size drop a day. I cannot feel any skin imperfection it is as smooth as before and the staple scars are nearly gone. The main incision is about 50% less noticeable as right after surgery. This stuff rocks!!!!!! Thanks for a great product!!!!

- Dana