What to Know about Breast Augmentation Scars


If you’ve made the decision to undergo a breast augmentation procedure, you may be wondering about scarring that can result and how to minimize it. Your doctor can go over some possible suggestions to help your scars heal and fade over time, usually through the use of topical creams and diet changes. Let’s take a… Read more »

Plastic Surgery Scars and How Scarfade® Can Help Heal Them


Scarring is one of the body’s natural processes for healing an open wound or cut. They are caused by the growth of new tissue and collagen sealing the wound. How quickly scars heal and disappear depends on many factors such as the size and depth of the incision, the age of the patient, and time…. Read more »

The Story Behind My Scar


We all have scars! But, what makes them unique is how we got our scars. Some people may have fallen off of their tricycle as a child, or jumped into a pool and scraped their leg. Either way, all of the stories behind our scars are unique! We asked our customers to share how they… Read more »

What Do Nutrition and Exercise Have to Do with How Well Scars Heal?


Possibly because most treatments for scars and skin conditions are topical solutions, few realize the value that healthy diet and exercise have in improving skin condition. There are a variety of ways that exercise and proper nutrition can help improve skin health; your skin is affected by the way you treat your body in general,… Read more »