The Story Behind My Scar


We all have scars! But, what makes them unique is how we got our scars. Some people may have fallen off of their tricycle as a child, or jumped into a pool and scraped their leg. Either way, all of the stories behind our scars are unique! We asked our customers to share how they… Read more »

What Do Nutrition and Exercise Have to Do with How Well Scars Heal?


Possibly because most treatments for scars and skin conditions are topical solutions, few realize the value that healthy diet and exercise have in improving skin condition. There are a variety of ways that exercise and proper nutrition can help improve skin health; your skin is affected by the way you treat your body in general,… Read more »

Preventing and Treating Body Piercing Scars


Body piercings are becoming increasingly mainstream in society, and they’re leaving their mark. While anyone who chooses to get a tattoo understands that they’re leaving a permanent mark on their skin, many people don’t understand the risk of scarring that body piercings carry. If a piercing is not done professionally and well, if it becomes… Read more »

How to Care for and Get Rid of a Frostbite Scar


Frostbite is a condition where the top layer of skin and the tissue directly beneath it freezes due to long-term exposure to extreme cold. The body’s extremities, which include the ears, nose, fingers, toes, arms, and legs, are most at risk for developing frostbite. When tissue freezes, the body loses heat rapidly. This results in… Read more »

Caring for Thyroid Surgery Scars and Helping Them Heal

Thyroid surgery is usually intended to treat thyroid cancer or thyroid nodules. It is also occasionally used to treat hyperthyroidism, although this is relatively rare. The surgery involves removing part or all of the thyroid gland, and it is fairly safe and generally effective. It is still an invasive surgery however, and the one- to… Read more »

Everything You Need to Know about Ear Scars and Otoplasty


Otoplasty is a surgical procedure performed on the ears for the purpose of improving a person’s appearance. In some cases it is undertaken to correct a birth defect, while other cases involve correcting the shape, size, or positioning of one or both ears. Occasionally, surgery is also necessary to correct the results of a previous… Read more »

Hypertrophic Burn Scars and How to Heal Better

Burns create a unique type of injury to the skin. Unlike a cut, the edges of the injury are rarely close together. Burns often cover large spaces, which makes them harder to heal. How severe the burn is affects the formation of a scar on the skin. Nerve endings damaged by burns can cause loss… Read more »