What Are Keloid Scars?

There are many types of scars, and keloid scars are just one type. They are essentially abnormal scars that tend to grow outward, beyond the boundary of the site of the original injury. They look raised and ill-defined in terms of how the skin grows in that spot, and could be red and itchy. Not… Read more »

All About Scarfade Products

Minimizing scarring on your face or elsewhere on your body can be a tough proposition. Where can you turn? Which products can you trust? Here at Scarfade, we are here to tell you all about our scientifically proven products that all come with satisfaction guarantees you can count on.  If you are not happy with… Read more »

The Best Guidance For Skin Health

The health of your skin is of paramount importance. After all, it’s the first thing people see, especially when it comes to facial skin. Taking care of it will ensure long-lasting smoothness, fewer blemishes, less noticeable scars and much more. While most scars can fade with time, it’s helpful to know how to move the… Read more »

4 Things You Didn’t Know About Scar Fading

Most scars can fade with time, but we bet you don’t know how and why. That’s why we have compiled some interesting facts about scar fading that you might not know, such as how the process works, which types of scars fade and which ones don’t fade as easily, the many types of scars and… Read more »

Proper Wound Care

Any injury to the skin can leave a scar. Whether you have suffered an injury due to a puncture, accident, surgical procedure, or burn, your body starts working immediately to repair that wound. As the skin is healing, scars may form – a natural part of the body’s healing process. Whether a scar appears or… Read more »

How Does Age of Scarring Affect Fading Ability?

In general, older scars that were not treated for fading initially will not respond as well to home treatments like Scarfade. But that doesn’t mean it’s not possible! It’s always best to begin treatment with these creams as soon as the wound starts healing. You can use it for up to 16 weeks depending on… Read more »

The Next Big Things in Skin Health

Let’s take a look at the upcoming skin health trends and treatments and how they can help scarred skin. Laser Resurfacing Treatments Advances in laser technology have ensured resurfacing laser treatments are moreefficient and lessinvasive. These treatments can effectively treat many skin issues such as unwanted pigmentation, acne, scarring, wrinkles, fine lines and texture inconsistencies… Read more »

Scar Fading: Expectations and Reality

If you are working to fade an existing scar, you likely have certain expectations with your scar treatment, how much your scar will fade, and how you can best manage it going forward. Those expectations may contrast a little bit from what can realistically happen. Here we will explore expectations vs. reality when it comes… Read more »

Treating Scar Sensitivity

Scars can be very sensitive, becoming itchy, tight and inflamed at times. To relieve this discomfort, massage the area regularly and use silicone scar gel like Scarfade to assist in the healing process. Here’s how to use massage and Scarfade to reduce scar sensitivity and discomfort. Scar massage: This reduces sensitivity and loosens deeper areas,… Read more »

How Nutrition Can Help Skin Health and Scar Healing

Did you know that there are certain foods and vitamins that can help improve your skin and actually help heal scars faster? With Americans spending billions of dollars a year on beauty creams, serums, scrubs and masks, you can save money by just eating healthier. Here are some great skin-healthy foods. Kale Kale, a member… Read more »