Why Silicone Works

Silicone is a key ingredient in the treatments we use here at Scarfade, and there are very good reasons for that. Today we’ll explore why silicone is so great at healing and fading scars, whether you use it in gel form or sheet form. In general, silicone prevents scars by creating a protective second layer… Read more »

How Surgical Scars Are Different

Scars from surgery are a bit different than other types of scars. For one, they’re often unavoidable, a consequence of having a scalpel cut through flesh such as with a C-section or total knee replacement. How you will scar will depend on how deep the cut is or how precise the incision is. Even top… Read more »

Do Sunburns Scar?

Great question. The short answer is yes, if it’s severe enough. We’ve all had that one sunburn we remember that was so painful because we fell asleep in the sun with not enough sunscreen on. Accidents happen, but it’s important to ensure you never let a burn get this bad. Not only can you develop… Read more »

Vitamin C and Scarring

From acne scars to injury scars, Vitamin C is widely known to help reduce the appearance of scars. This amazing antioxidant has so many great health benefits, such as boosting the immune system. Who knew it was good for scarring too? That’s because it has a strong ability to regulate collagen production and prevent inflammation… Read more »

Seasonal Scar Treatment

With the warmer weather approaching, you may wonder how the sun, heat and humidity will affect scarring. It can be a wonderful feeling to have the sun on your skin as you enjoy a day at the beach or barbecue. But the same sun that gives you that alive and vibrant feeling is the same… Read more »

Sunscreen and Scars

Sunscreen is important for all of your skin, not just your scarred areas. But when it comes to your scars, it’s even more important to give them extra TLC as part of your sunscreen application. Did you know that scars are much more sensitive to sunlight than normal skin areas with no scarring? The American… Read more »

How Do I Use Scarfade?

From applying it every day to using a circular motion to massage it into your skin, there are certain ways to use Scarfade for the best results. Some people may have to use it longer than others, but this will depend on the size and severity of your scar. Here are some best practices when… Read more »

Will Scarfade Results Last?

If you are deciding to use Scarfade on your scars, you may wonder: will it really work and will the results be permanent? The short answer is yes. With proper and diligent treatment, your scars can fade and shrink in as little as a few months or up to a year. Once you have achieved… Read more »

Scar Prevention, Treatment, and Fading

No matter what injury you had that led to a scar, there are ways to help fade and heal it over time. From laser treatments and surgery to silicone gel and massage, there are many treatments available to fade anything from acne to burn to surgical scars. Here are some ways you can prevent and… Read more »

Different Types of Scars: Can Scarfade Handle Them All?

The short answer is yes! While Scarfade may work better on some types of scars than others, it can still have positive effects on all scar types and severities, from acne to burns. Scarfade has been proven to work best on hypertrophic and keloid scars. You can read all the scientific studies available on this… Read more »