What Causes Scars to Fade?

While no one wants lasting scars after an injury or surgery, the goods news it that most do tend to fade at least a little bit over time. In fact, most scars do fade and don’t result in long-term health problems, says the Cleveland Clinic. Most scars don’t need professional treatment, but often benefit from… Read more »

Surgical Scar Treatment

Scars from surgery are often unavoidable, whether you had a C-section or a total knee replacement. The risk of scarring will depend on whether you have sustained a deep cut or underwent a precise surgical incision. Even with the best surgeon behind your procedure, no one can control factors such as age, skin quality, chronic… Read more »

The Timing of Scar Treatment

You may wonder how soon you should dress and treat a fresh wound, and how scar treatment timing can affect the healing process. Timely treatment is key in avoiding scarring later on. The wound healing process is a complex one that is nothing short of amazing. The body works hard to heal itself after a… Read more »

Scar Treatments: What Are the Options?

Got a scar? Got several? You may wonder how you can keep them from getting worse. Even if you just got injured and have a fresh wound, it’s time to start planning on how you will minimize that wound’s appearance as it ages. Keeping the scar out of the sun is a good tip for… Read more »

Types of Scars and Proper Treatment

Every scar is different in size, shape, texture and severity. Lots of factors can determine what kind of scar you end up with and what the right treatment will be. Here are some common types of scars, how they form and how you should treat them. Scar Types: a Look at 4 of the Most… Read more »

Scars: Frequently Asked Questions

We get a lot of questions about scars here at Scarfade. We thought we would go over some of those questions here as well as their answers. Q: What is a scar? A: It is the healing result of trauma to the skin whereby the dermis, or deep layer, of the skin has sustained injury…. Read more »

Summer and Scars

It’s a great time to be out and about in summer—after all, this is the season so many of us look forward to all year. It’s great to feel that warm sun on your body as you attend a barbecue or hit the beach. But the same sun that makes you feel warm and vibrant… Read more »

Vitamin D and Me

When indulged in safely with moderation, the sun and the Vitamin D you get from it are good for your skin. We’ve been taught since we were kids that sun exposure is bad for our skin. And in excessive amounts, it is. However, a certain amount of sun exposure to unprotected skin is actually beneficial…. Read more »

Mommy Scars

From C-section scars to stretch marks, there are many types of scars that can occur as a result of motherhood. While we try to wear our “battle scars” with pride – after all, we got adorable little babies out of them – many of us would like to reduce their appearance so we can wear… Read more »

Types of Scarring

Not all scars are created equal. Some are red and raised, while others are flat and white. Plus, different scars can appear on different parts of the body. For instance, acne scars appear on the face, while stretch mark scars appear on the hips and stomach. While they vary in texture, size and severity, the… Read more »