Scars and Skin Tones: How Scars Affect Different Skin Types

As the largest human organ, skin is your body’s first line of defense. Although everyone’s skin performs the same function, it can take on a variety of appearances due to different amounts of pigmentation. Skin, then, can be grouped into a number of different types, six of which are represented on the Fitzpatrick Scale. Skin type… Read more »

How Long Does it Take a Surgical Scar to Fade?

In general, it takes about two years for surgical scars to fade, but everyone is different and heals at varying rates. How well you treat your scar will also impact healing times. Also, the way your wound heals will be influenced by a number of environmental and genetic factors. Luckily, there are things you can… Read more »

Kids and Scars: Treatment and Care

Kids are curious creatures, and it’s just about impossible for active child to avoid scrapes and cuts. Some TLC and a kiss from Mom may be all that’s needed in many cases, but sometimes, cuts go deeper and have the potential to scar. When that happens you need to treat the wound quickly so it… Read more »

Keep Sunscreen a Part of Your Daily Routine: 3 Things it Protects You From

The application of sunscreen should be a part of your daily routine, even in winter. UV rays are always present outdoors, and you can get a sunburn even in cold months. Indeed, any time spent outdoors leaves your skin vulnerable to sun damage. Whether you’re spending a day at the pool in summer or skiing… Read more »

How Burn Scars are Different and How to Care for Them

After a burn, scars may develop. They’re a bit different than scars you would get, say, from a cut. As your skin heals from a burn, it will form areas of thick, discolored skin, which develop after damaged skin causes skin cells to perish. The area will look smooth and shiny, starting off red and… Read more »

Why is Silicone Important in Scar Treatment Gel?

There are many reasons. Not only is silicone safe for use on all areas of your body, it’s got natural healing properties that reduce the appearance of all types of scars. If you have scars on your face or other parts of your body, you likely want them gone or at least minimized. Maybe you… Read more »

Ways to Speed Up Scar Healing

If you have a recent scar, you understandably want to see it fade as soon as possible. You have little control over your body’s healing process but there are some steps you can take to encourage it. Here are some ways in which you can speed up scar healing.   Get Enough Rest The Journal… Read more »

Managing Skin Health and Scar Treatment in Colder Weather

The winter is upon us and has brought its signature cold weather with it. The first place you’ll feel its effects is on your skin. Protecting your skin in colder weather is certainly a challenge. You just have to be dedicated and prepared with the right routine and products, and you should be all set…. Read more »

How Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyles Can Improve Skin Health and Scar Treatment

Eating healthy and exercising regularly are key to your physical health. But did you know they’re also important to your skin and scar health? From drinking plenty of water to committing to a fitness routine, a healthy lifestyle can do wonders for your skin.  Smooth Skin Routine Check out these healthy living tips that will… Read more »

Getting the Most From Your Scar Treatment Gel

If you have a recent injury, such as a cut or burn, and are concerned it may result in a scar, it’s important to take immediate action. The sooner you apply silicone scar gels like Scarfade, the better the results will be. To ensure your scar fades instead of gets worse, you should use OTC… Read more »