What Are the Different Types of Scars?

Scars can vary by appearance, texture, size and severity. This variety depends on how you obtained the scar in the first place, how deep the initial wound was, whether you got treated for it (stitches), and where it occurs on your body. For instance, C-section scars will look and feel much different than acne scars…. Read more »

Ways to Reduce Scar Formation and Improve Mobility

When your body suffers an injury such as a cut or burn, a scar can form at that spot after the initial wound has healed up. The likelihood of a scar increases with the severity of the injury. Sometimes, restricted mobility at the site can result. However, there are ways to reduce scar formation and… Read more »

Minimizing Facial Scars Without Surgery

Facial scars are some of the worst kind, because they’re so visible to yourself and others. It’s hard to have high self-confidence when you’re hampered by insecurities about how you look. If you have a scar on your face, you may be wondering how you can minimize it naturally, without having to resort to invasive… Read more »

Do Burns Scar and Heal Differently?

They sure do. Compared with other types of scars, burns tend to be slower to heal and the end result looks different than a scar from a clean cut or slash. However, burn scars can still respond to treatments such as Scarfade ointment, natural remedies and more invasive treatments. It’s important to know the differences… Read more »

The Process of How Skin Heals

The body’s ability to heal is nothing short of a miracle. And when it comes to your skin, your body’s healing properties are even more amazing. Even after experiencing trauma or injury, skin can bounce back over time. It may not look exactly the same, but the healing process works its magic so that what… Read more »

Hypertrophic Scars: What They Are and How to Treat Them

Not all scars are created equal. Some are more serious and lasting than others, while some are more superficial. Hypertrophic scar are wide, thick, raised scars that develop where the skin has been injured. Scars are fairly common when a wound of any kind starts to heal, but hypertrophic scars in particular result from abnormal… Read more »

Managing Scars in the Winter

With winter not too far off, you may be getting nervous for the colder, drier air to settle in. If you have scars, you know winter can be tough on them. They may get red, itchy, or just plain uncomfortable. The key to keeping them supple is to keep them moisturized. Here’s how cooler weather… Read more »

All About Acne

What causes scarring from acne, how to prevent and treat it Acne scars pop up after inflamed blemishes that have been caused by skin pores have filled up with excess oil, bacteria and dead skin cells. When the pore starts to swell, this breaks the follicle wall, usually leading to shallow lesions that are fairly… Read more »

Halloween Costumes with Scars

Scars can be iconic, and often show up in various Halloween costumes. Even though there are some scars on yourself that you may be embarrassed about, there’s no doubt that some scars can be pretty cool – especially in Hollywood. From Freddy Krueger to your garden-variety zombie, here are a few ideas of costumes involving… Read more »

How Weather Changes Can Affect Skin Health and Scar Treatment

As the seasons tick over into fall, the cooler weather may be refreshing to work and play in, but it can be brutal on your skin. With colder weather comes dry air, and dry air, well, dries out the skin! This can be especially challenging if you have a recent wound that looks like it… Read more »