Punch Techniques For Scar Removal

When choosing a treatment for scars, it is important to first determine the type of scar you have. Just as there are many different types of scars, there are also many different treatment options available. A treatment that is effective on one scar may not be appropriate for another. A good physician will evaluate your… Read more »

About Acne Scars and Their Treatment

As if dealing with the stress and discomfort of acne weren’t enough, those with serious acne are also faced with the reality of unsightly scarring. According to the Acne Resource Center Online (www.acne-resource.org), some 60 million Americans have active acne and some 20 million have it badly enough to cause some form of scarring. If… Read more »

Scar Info

If you have spent any time searching online for information on scars and scar treatment, you have likely been overwhelmed by the volume of information available. To help make the job of wading through all that information a bit easier, we recently submitted an article to this blog entitled “Questions to ask when choosing a… Read more »

Questions To Ask When Choosing A Non-Surgical Scar Removal Treatment

Have you ever done an internet search for products that help reduce scarring? If you have, you are painfully aware of the fact that there are an abundance of creams, gels, lotions and sheets on the market. One could literally spend days going through all the websites promoting products that claim to reduce scars, some… Read more »

Keep Your Skin Healthy With Our Big Sale!

We are very excited to announce that our product of the month for July is our Scarfade Scar Gel in the 0.5 oz. size. This is our most popular product in the most popular size. Now through the end of July, we are offering the 0.5 oz. Scarfade for $24.95! In addition, with every online… Read more »

How Scar Tissue Is Formed and How To Heal Scars

The formation of scars is caused by trauma to the skin. Under the area of trauma, healing cells called fibroblasts migrate to the site of the injury. These fibroblasts cover over the damaged area and form collagen, which is the building block of scar tissue. Normally, collagen fibers line up in a parallel fashion, forming… Read more »