How to Use Scarfade in the After effects of Breast Removal

While any surgery is difficult to deal with, breast removal can be especially upsetting both before and after the surgery. It leaves a scar over one side of the chest. Often referred to as a mastectomy, breast removal surgery is usually a result of a breast cancer. Although breast cancer is most common in women,… Read more »

Understanding Scar Revision

Severe wounds are often caused by an injury or tragic event, such as dog bites, car accidents or medical problems. Once these wounds heal, they may leave prominent, disfiguring scars. It could be a result of poor healing or due to the significance of the injury. There are a number of ways to deal with… Read more »

Understanding and Treating Keloid Scars

After your skin is injured, it tries to repair itself by creating a new surface; a scar. Under normal circumstances, the scar is flat and connects the edges of the wound together. Sometimes the body creates extra tissue which turns into a raised scar that extends above and beyond your skin’s surface. It’s called a… Read more »

Scarfade: Undiluted Silicone Scar Treatment That Works

For those unfamiliar with our product, you may be wondering what makes ScarFade unique and how well it works. The short answer is ScarFade is an undiluted silicone product that works very well to reduce scars.


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Burns and Burn Scar Treatment

Burns may result from a variety of different causes such as dry heat (fire, sun, etc.), liquids (steam, hot water, etc.), chemicals, electricity, and extreme cold. Over two million people in the United States are treated for burns each year and over three thousand die of severe burns. Burns differ in severity and are classified… Read more »