How to Keep Skin Healthy and Glowing Through the Years

As we get older, our skin starts to show it. Some of the things that cause our skin to age are out of our control, however other things can be influenced to help slow the process. While we can’t control the natural aging process that causes lines and sagging, we can control some of the… Read more »

Can Scars Ever Go Away?

Living with scars probably isn’t your ideal scenario. Aside from creating a wild and out there story about your shark attack that left you with a cool memento, there are ways you can reduce the appearance of your scars and feel more confident in your complexion. While scars can fade and become less prominent, they… Read more »

Treating Scars for Kids

We never like to see our little ones with bumps and scrapes, but the truth is – kids will be kids. Occasionally they’re going to get roughed up and will need some medical attention. While a lot of times kids just get superficial bruises and cuts, every now and then a more serious injury comes… Read more »

10 Fictional Characters with Scars

From heroes to villains and in between, these fictional characters are known for their scarred markings. Here are ten of the most popular scars you may know. Scar On a list of notable scars, you’d expect to be included if your name is Scar. With that being said, here he is. The notorious villainous lion… Read more »

How to Stay Healthy This Year

Getting and staying healthy is a top resolution for many people this New Year’s. So, how can you go about it? Here are some tips. Take a brisk walk every day for 20 to 30 minutes. Sleep seven to eight hours a night. Cut out the junk food, avoiding cookies, chips and many of your… Read more »

Skincare Tips to Implement in 2018

With 2018 in full-swing, let’s make sure we keep our New Year’s resolution to improve our skin. Perhaps you suffer from acne, or maybe dry skin, or maybe you just want to get that healthy glow back. Whatever the case, here are some skincare tips to implement in the coming year. Condition with jasmine: Containing… Read more »

Winter Skincare Tips

With winter barreling its way in, you know you’re going to start getting chapped, dry skin. It’s just an inevitable part of coping with colder weather. However, you don’t have to live with dry skin all winter long. There are many steps you can take to ensure smooth, healthy, hydrated skin all season long. Apply… Read more »

Why Do We Get Scars?

Scars are a natural part of the body’s healing process. Anytime the skin is cut, burned or fundamentally damaged in some way, a scar must form. Scars, essentially, are part of the final phase of the body’s healing or repair process. Whether from an accident, surgery, acne, trauma to the skin, or even an ear… Read more »

Best Scar Treatments for Kids

Scars in children aren’t that much different than those in teens and adults. The major difference is that kids heal much more quickly and easily, which helps when trying to lessen the possibility of scarring. That being said, kids get hurt – a lot. They’re very active indoors and out, increasing the chances for injury…. Read more »