Scar Treatment Facts and Myths: What Works and What Doesn’t

There are many myths and truths out there about scars. We’re here to set the record straight. Check out what works and what doesn’t! Myth: You have to wait before treating a scar. Fact: The best time to treat a scar is within one month of receiving it, preferably as soon as the initial wound… Read more »

The History of Scarification

For hundreds of years, the painful process of creating raised tattoos has been performed by people all over the world. It’s called scarification and has recently become even more widespread throughout the United States, Europe, and Australia. Centuries ago, the Maori men of New Zealand chiseled deep tattoos on their faces with patterns that created… Read more »

Surgical Scar Treatment and Things to Know

If you have decided to treat your scar with surgery, there are some important things to know beforehand. Here’s what to discuss with your surgeon, how to appropriately reduce scar tissue, how placement and closure options can help reduce scar appearance, and how to treat surgical scars post healing. Being informed beforehand will give you… Read more »

Speed It Up, Slow it Down

When you have a scar, you want it to start fading as soon as possible. There are things you can do to speed up the process. Check out these things that can hasten the healing of scars, and these things that can slow it down. We welcome you to read these helpful do’s and don’ts… Read more »

What Are Scars Made Of?

Scars can show up anywhere on the body, wherever an injury occurs. The severity of a scar will depend on how it was acquired, how deep the wound is, and the care you give it over time. Scars are basically nature’s way of healing damaged skin and replacing tissue. While fibrous scar tissue is made… Read more »

Are Scars Permanent?

Depends on how deep the initial injury was. But by their very definition, scars are permanent because they leave a mark that lasts. Some are more severe than others, though, lasting for a lifetime as red, raised and then white, glossy scars. Some itch, some fade, some stick around. The nature of scars is that… Read more »

The Secret to Silicone

Here at Scarfade, we have a secret: silicone is a key ingredient in our gel treatments and sheets. Let’s take a look at why silicone is such a great component and how it works. Silicone for the purpose of treating scars is nothing new, although it’s relatively new to drug store shelves. The technology behind… Read more »

Skin Health in Changing Seasons

Spring is here and summer will follow right behind it. It’s time to brush up on how to best take care of your skin and scars when allergy and beach seasons strike. The sun can do a number on your scars, so it’s important to take precautions before heading outside. Going From Cold to Warm… Read more »

Massage Techniques to Break Down Scar Tissue

Scar massage is a great way to help remodel scar tissue, and is a frequent treatment as part of physical therapy after injury or surgery. Also known as scar mobilization, scar massage can help lessen the appearance of any scar, but it has to be done with a high level of consistency. That’s because scar… Read more »

How Proper Wound Care Helps the Healing and Scarring Process

Healing properly after an injury or surgical incision isn’t easy. Lots of stuff is going on behind the scenes as your body kicks into high gear and tries to make everything all right again. A common side effect of all that work is a scar that forms over the initial wound. Believe it or not,… Read more »