Guide for Selecting the Proper size Tube of Scarfade

Among the most common questions we receive at Scarfade is one that goes something like this: “What size tube of Scarfade do I need to treat my scar?” In fact, we get this question so often we decided to create this handy chart to make it easier for our customers to choose the right size…. Read more »

The Gold Standard in Scar Treatment Ingredients

Estimates from the medical community suggest that perhaps some 100 million plus individuals throughout the world develop scars every year. Of course scars differ widely in their characteristics and severity, and thus their effects on individual patients. In some cases they pose no problems whatsoever, while in others their effects can be more troubling. These… Read more »

Six Questions to Ask When Shopping for a Scar Treatment Product:

An internet search for products that help improve the appearance of scars will produce enough results to leave your head spinning.  There is no shortage of creams, gels, lotions and sheets available.  One could literally spend days going through all the websites promoting products that claim to heal scars. How then does one wade through… Read more »

How to Use Topical Silicone Scar Treatment Gels

Topical Silicone Scar Treatments have grown tremendously in popularity in recent years.  An internet search on the topic will uncover enough results to leave your head spinning.  While not all of these products are created equally, there is sufficient scientific evidence to suggest that products with the right ingredients (namely silicone), if used as directed,… Read more »

Tips To Help Prevent Scars

Scars are the result of the body’s complex effort to repair damage to the skin.  With few exceptions, most trauma to the skin which causes bleeding will result in at least some scarring.  That said, there are certain things one can do to help lessen the size and intensity of most scars.  Following is a… Read more »

Do Silicone Scar Treatment Products Really Work?

There are numerous Silicone Gel Scar Treatment products available today.  But do they really work?  Until relatively recently, very little reliable scientific data existed to explain how silicone gels work on scars.  Many so called studies were conducted, demonstrating via before and after photos, that silicone gel did indeed reduce the size and appearance of… Read more »