How Massage Affects Scarring

If you’re wondering how to get rid of scars, one method of scar treatment that helps with short-term and long-term effects is the use of massage. Gently massage the tissue around your wound using lotion and a circular motion. Apply a greaseless formula so that your fingers glide across the scarred skin and don’t open… Read more »

Coping With Scars from Sports Injuries

Athletes can sustain a variety of injuries when playing sports. From surgery for torn tendons and broken bones to abrasions and lacerations, the formation of scars from sports injuries can affect even the most confident player’s self esteem. They can also affect flexibility and range of motion once the healing process has begun. Fractures There… Read more »

Creative Ways to Hide and Camouflage Scars

Not everyone likes to wear their scars in the open. Some people feel self-conscious and embarrassed by them. While you can diminish the appearance of scars by using silicone scar gel to fade them, there are some creative solutions to help hide or camouflage old scars or those that seem very prominent. Long Sleeves and… Read more »

How Placement and Incision Closure Affect Surgery Scars

When planning for most types of surgery, most patients pay more attention to having their ailments addressed before the operation, but are often more concerned with their scars afterwards. Over the years, surgeons have begun to pay more attention to the neatness and placement of incisions before the operation to minimize the size and prominence… Read more »

Burn Scars: Looking Below the Surface

Burns have a multitude of causes, from chemicals to fire to hot liquids and heated surfaces. Skin burns can be minor and superficial or deep and very painful. The amount of damage caused by burns directly affects the healing process and scar formation. There are three stages of severity, noted as first-degree, second-degree and third-degree… Read more »

Coping With Acne Scars

Acne is a common skin ailment most often associated with teenagers. It appears as red bumps on the skin, and can occur in teens and adults nearly anywhere on the body. Acne is slow to heal and can cause stress and embarrassment. Some cases result in scarring of the skin. It is caused by a… Read more »

How to Minimize Dog Bite Scars

With the upcoming National Dog Bite Prevention Week from May 19-25, 2013, we thought this might be a good time to discuss the medical treatments associated with dog bites and dog bite scars. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), there are more than 72 million pet dogs in the U.S. While not all… Read more »

The Benefits of Vitamin C

Among its other benefits, Vitamin C helps heal skin wounds and prevent them from becoming infected by promoting healthy collagen production and providing antioxidant benefits. Our bodies can’t produce and store Vitamin C and because it is water soluble, our bodies flush the Vitamin C we consume relatively quickly.  Therefore we must replace it regularly… Read more »

Joint Contracture and Prevention

When injured skin is healing, it develops scar tissue to help bridge the gap along the seams of the cut or damaged skin. This tissue is rich in natural collagen and has a much tougher composition than regular skin. Scars are often bright red or shiny, depending on the individual’s skin tone, the location and… Read more »

Overcoming The Challenges Of Foot Scars

Foot scars can be caused by many different sources. From laceration in stepping on sharp objects to surgery to correct broken bones or bunions, foot scars are more difficult to heal than many other areas of the body. One reason is that many parts of the foot have round or uneven surfaces. Since healing skin… Read more »