Joint Contracture and Prevention

When injured skin is healing, it develops scar tissue to help bridge the gap along the seams of the cut or damaged skin. This tissue is rich in natural collagen and has a much tougher composition than regular skin. Scars are often bright red or shiny, depending on the individual’s skin tone, the location and… Read more »

Overcoming The Challenges Of Foot Scars

Foot scars can be caused by many different sources. From laceration in stepping on sharp objects to surgery to correct broken bones or bunions, foot scars are more difficult to heal than many other areas of the body. One reason is that many parts of the foot have round or uneven surfaces. Since healing skin… Read more »

Wintertime Scar Management Tips

Any wound or incision that injures the deep dermis layer of the skin has the potential to become a scar. Everyone’s skin is different in how it scars and how it heals. Winter weather is especially tough on the skin, scarred or not. Here are some ways to minimize the harsh effects of wintertime on… Read more »

Skateboarding: Scar Treatment and Prevention

Skateboarding is a popular pastime, especially among kids. It is also a sport that encourages stunts and fast movement on hard pavement, presenting opportunities for injuries and, of course, scars. There are many ways to prevent and minimize injuries and scars resulting from skateboarding accidents. Types of Injuries and Scars Road rash is a common… Read more »

Coping With Scars From Carpal Tunnel Surgery

There are many different professions and hobbies which cause people to have problems with carpal tunnel syndrome. These include factory workers, court reporters, tennis players and anyone doing a lot of data entry. When left untreated or when symptoms continue to worsen, carpal tunnel surgery is an option. It is typically done on one wrist… Read more »

Scar Treatment for Kids

Kids can get into silly and serious predicaments while they are having fun. Sometimes they hurt themselves without a care in their adventures. Other times, however, the injuries are more severe and are cause for concern. Children can develop scars from many causes, but not every cut or scrape becomes a  permanent scar. From skinned… Read more »

Coping With Breast Reconstruction Surgery and Scarring

Women undergoing treatment for cysts and breast cancer often need breast removal and breast reconstruction surgery. The scars left behind for these medical treatments may be long, wide, dark and prominent. While careful strategies in plastic surgery can minimize the scarring from a mastectomy and reconstruction, it is still visible. Scar treatment after the incision… Read more »

Understanding the Emotional Effects of Scars

Scars from a variety of sources can have long-term emotional effects in addition to the  physical discomfort and marring of the skin. These can be caused by memories of how the injury occurred or from unhappiness at the appearance of the scar. Studies in both South Africa and England show that the presence of scar… Read more »


The list of harmful effects caused by smoking is long.  They include cancer, heart attack, stroke, emphysema, high blood pressure and coronary artery disease, among others.  Smoking may well be the leading cause of preventable death in the United States. Many people don’t realize it, but smoking also causes wounds to heal more slowly.  Wounds… Read more »

Guide for Selecting the Proper size Tube of Scarfade

Among the most common questions we receive at Scarfade is one that goes something like this: “What size tube of Scarfade do I need to treat my scar?” In fact, we get this question so often we decided to create this handy chart to make it easier for our customers to choose the right size…. Read more »