How to Minimize Scars After Hand Surgery

The hands are notorious for developing some of the most perplexing scars. They’re not only highly visible, but they can be very thick and constrictive, causing a limited range of motion. Doctors use hand surgery to treat a variety of injuries and diseases. Taking a few simple steps can help to minimize scars after hand… Read more »

How Saltwater Affects Skin Injuries

With summertime in full swing, the beach is a popular destination. A swim in the salty ocean water can be both refreshing and relaxing. It’s also a good way to cool down. If you have recent cuts or wounds that have started to heal, however, you might wonder if this is a good idea. Wounds… Read more »

Do Some Parts of the Body React Differently to Scarring?

Scarring is the skin’s natural reaction to trauma. Surgery, burns and injuries that breach the skin’s surface often result in scars. New skin bridges the gap between uninjured areas, forming a scar. There are various skin types, and scars tend to heal differently from person to person. If you have several scars, you may have… Read more »

What You Need to Know About Skin Grafts

Skin grafts are modern technology’s way of helping your body to knit together new skin. Donor skin from another part of your body – or another person – replaces skin damaged due to burns, illness, malformation or injury. There are two different types of skin grafts, full thickness and split thickness, that plastic surgeons use… Read more »

How Long Does It Take for a Scar to Heal?

Scars are the body’s way of repairing tissue. Wounds are covered and knitted together with regenerated skin layers that protect the body from germs and further wound injury. There are many factors that go into the natural healing process, each of which can make it faster or slower. How long it takes a scar to… Read more »

How Age Affects Scarring

One part of the aging process is a change in your skin. There is a natural progression of how your skin looks and reacts from childhood to adult years to the senior citizen. Age plays a prominent role in the healing process of skin-related injuries and the development and healing of scars. Childhood Scars Kids… Read more »

Consistency Is Key In When Treating Scars

Over the past 15 plus years of speaking with customers about their scars, we have learned a great deal about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to scar treatment.  I was recently asked by a customer  what my number one tip would be when it comes to scar treatment.  Being caught off guard… Read more »

Options for Treating Raised Scars

Scars are the body’s way of healing injuries. When the skin is injured, the body responds by building a bridge of collagen and new skin cells to close or cover the wound. In cases of cuts, punctures, incisions or other penetrating injuries, the new skin fills in the gaps. This is a slow process. Early… Read more »

Are Certain Skin Types More Prone to Scarring?

Everyone develops scars when their skin is injured. How prominently scars present themselves depends on your body’s reaction to the healing process. As a result, your skin type has a profound effect on the type and prominence of your scars. Your ethnicity plays a role in how scars appear in relation to your skin’s natural… Read more »

Scarfade Reaches 5,000 Facebook Fans

Everyone has scars. Some are more pronounced than others. While it is often said that scars are a reflection of the challenges we have faced and overcome, most people prefer to keep them covered or make them fade away. At Scarfade, making them less pronounced until they fade away is part of what we do…. Read more »